COMING SOON: New Addition to the CHE

As Sacred Heart continues to expand, students in the College of Health Professions (CHP) and Davis and Henley College of Nursing have been talking about a possible new addition to the Center for Health Care Education. 

“There are plans for expanding the Center for Healthcare Education, as our programs and our enrollments have substantially increased,” said Maura Iversen, Dean of the College of Health Professions.

According to Iversen, the expansion of the building will be on the Center for Health Care Education footprint to the right of the existing building. It will be a shared space for use by nursing students and CHP students. 

“The university is working with architects at this moment, so there is no specific timeline, only that we are hoping to move expeditiously to meet the learning needs of our students and to allow for future program expansion,” said Iversen. 

According to Karen Daley, Dean of the Davis and Henley College of Nursing, more information about this expansion will occur in the summer or early fall. 

Although there are not many specific details, many students look forward to the fact that the Center for Health Care Education might be expanding.

“The Center for Health Care Education is a great space to provide additional classrooms and labs and opens up more learning opportunities for those who want to work in healthcare,” said senior Cora Koproski. 

“An addition to the center would offer even more beneficial experiences that come from having ample space to offer hands-on experiences and visuals that would not be possible without the Center for Health Care Education,” she said. 

According to the Sacred Heart University website, the current Center for Health Care Education houses both the College of Health Professions and College of Nursing and it encompasses 120,000 square feet of learning facilities in a three-story building on 8.7 acres.

“Both colleges are experiencing sustained growth which has led to conversations about the need for additional space and parking,” said senior Lisa Jacobsen, President of the Student Nurses Association. 

“From a student perspective, I feel the need for an expansion within the College of Health Professions and College of Nursing. When communicating with the College of Nursing administration, though, they expressed hopefulness regarding expansion as additions have not yet been approved,” said Jacobsen.

Although some students believe an expansion is necessary, others believe there is no need for one. 

“I don’t think that the CHE needs an expansion as it was just recently built and has many facilities for the majors it runs. The school of nursing has two sections for sophomore, junior and senior students to learn in the lab and experience the in-person part of nursing,” said senior Christina Massei. “I think if the building were to expand, they should add more parking spaces.”

“I do not feel the need for more offerings or more expansions to the Center for Health Care Education. I think that the building already provides many great services to students who want to have a career in a health profession,” said freshman Emma Smith.

The center has labs used for teaching and giving services, including an audiology clinic, a pediatric clinic, a driving simulator and motion analysis and human performance labs.

The administration remains excited for what the future has in store for both the College of Nursing and CHP. 

“We are excited about the President’s continued commitment to all the health professions and look forward to greater opportunities for inter-professional learning,” said Iversen. 

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