Jack Welch College of Business Receives Recognition

By Marguerite Girandola

Staff Reporter

The Princeton Review has recently ranked Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch College of Business as a top business school.

According to a statement from the university, the education services company acknowledges Sacred Heart in the 2017 edition of its annual book, “The Best 294 Business Schools.”

As the news spread throughout campus, Sacred Heart’s students and faculty reflected on the program.

“The Princeton Review’s ranking of schools is based on student responses to their academic and non-academic experience at the school,” said John Chalykoff, Dean of the College of Business. “We are gratified that students in the Welch College rate their experience highly.”

It is not only the students that are receiving attributions for the success of the College of Business.

“The professors at Sacred Heart University have guided me through my collegiate career by illustrating their intelligence, experiences and advice through their teachings,” said senior Connor Gillen. “They have helped me grow as an individual in the business field.”

Gillen’s feelings are reflected in the feelings of other students as well. 

“We cannot forget about all the hard work every professor and advisor has put into their teachings and how they have turned us from college students to professionals,” said senior Jill Lopez. “We are extremely grateful.”

Sacred Heart is no stranger when it comes to high rankings.

“In the last two years, both our undergraduate programs and our MBA program were ranked in the top 100 in the nation by Business Week,” said Chalykoff. “Our Accounting program was ranked second in the state of Connecticut and both the Marketing and Doctorate programs were ranked nationally in the top fifty.”

As the high rankings get more frequent, students feel more passionate about their education at Sacred Heart.

“I was flattered when I found out that the John F. Welch College of Business was recognized by Princeton Review,” said Gillen. “It means a lot as a senior going into the workforce knowing my degree means more than it did when I was a freshman in the business school.”

Both the faculty and the students agree that the latest ranking of their business school means promising things for their futures.

“Sacred Heart University is on an upward trajectory, as is the Welch College of Business,” said Chalykoff. “Rankings are an external indicator of this success and I expect we will continue to be highly ranked among our peers.”

Gillen also believes that there is a bright future ahead for not only him, but also for Sacred Heart.

“I plan on expanding my business portfolio and with a degree from an illustrious business program, it will only make things easier for myself,” said Gillen.

Because of the recent ranking from The Princeton Review, other business students hope that more high school seniors will apply, which will foster greater competition.

“I felt compelled to share the article because I am proud of myself and my community for becoming more well-respected,” said Gillen. “It means a lot to know that I am enrolled in a top tier business school and that I am indeed a part of a growing and prestigious environment and because of that, I loved sharing it with my Facebook network.”

With the success from both the students and the professors, students believe this will provide motivation for continuing to succeed in the future.

“Everyone in this college of business has worked hard to gain this recognition and success,” said Lopez. “I think that everyone will continue to celebrate this recognition and aim to keep working our way to the top.”

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