Living Through the Pandemic

By Gian Capolino
Staff Writer

For the past two weeks, I have been at my home in Lake George, N.Y., completing my courses online as the coronavirus pandemic has changed life for all Americans. This is especially true for students at Sacred Heart and other college students. 

Waking up in my own bed at home every day is still a very weird feeling. After spending a semester at the Trumbull Marriott, I was still just getting used to living in the beautiful new Wiesel Hall. 

Instead of seeing my roommates every morning, I have breakfast with my brother and sister, who are also home from college due to the coronavirus.  Being stuck inside the house all day has been made a lot easier with my brother and sister.   

I am still able to see my classmates and professors, however. On most days, I still have my classes on Webex or Zoom. While this is a huge adjustment and I miss being at Sacred Heart very much, seeing my classmates and knowing that we are all in this difficult situation together makes me feel a little bit better. 

Being forced to social distance myself from my friends has been very difficult. When my high school friends and I come home from college, we always try to spend time together and catch up.  Staying inside for most of the day has quickly become very tough. 

After completing my school work, I have found other ways to keep myself entertained throughout the day.  Every day, I try to take my dog on a long walk to get some fresh air. Having a lot of free time has also allowed me to re-watch my all-time favorite television show, “The Office.”

Hopefully, the coronavirus crisis ends sooner rather than later. Being forced to social-distance and spending the summer inside rather than enjoying the beautiful weather with my friends would be extremely disappointing.   

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