NBCUniversal Recruitment Day

BY Graham O’Dwyer and Charles Peacock

News Editor and Staff Reporter

On April 2, Sacred Heart and Career Development hosted NBCUniversal, who conducted a lecture and internship recruitment day on campus.

Nicole McArdle, Campus Recruiter and a member of the NBC Olympics team, led the lecture. McArdle covered information regarding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the coverage that NBC offers.

“NBCUniversal owns the U.S. media rights on all platforms to all Olympic Games through 2032,” said McArdle.

NBC Sports is currently offering internship opportunities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Students enrolled in an undergrad or grad program are eligible to apply.

According to the job posting on NBCUniversal’s website, “Games of the XXXII Olympiad will take place in Summer 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. A select number of students will have the opportunity to intern either at the NBC Sports Group facility in Stamford, CT, or in Tokyo, Japan.”

Positions available during the Olympics are, but not limited to, production assistants, digital production assistants, loggers and runners.

According to the job posting, interns will “assist in the production of 100 daily live streams and 300 daily video highlights & features from every Olympic sport and event, for publication on NBC’s digital platforms, which include NBCOlympics.com, the NBC Sports app, social media channels, connected television apps (Roku, Apple TV, Xfinity, etc.), and other outlets like Taxicabs, sidewalk kiosks, etc.”

Director of Career Placement, Patricia Moran, saw this seminar as very helpful, and an advantage for students who attended. “So often our students are left to do their own research. There’s nothing like having the source come in person and give their full insight,” said Moran.

Students in attendance also felt that this was a great networking opportunity, and a chance for them to get some insight into what NBCUniversal and NBC Sports Group are all about.

“It is important to learn about the inner workings of a large company before you apply because it is truly a different environment,” said senior Kevin Plant.

Joseph Alicastro, former NBC Producer and current professor and Director of the Masters in Broadcast Journalism & Media Production Program, knows how strong the relationship between Sacred Heart and NBCUniversal is.

“The School of Communication, Media, and the Arts at SHU has a very strong relationship with NBCUniversal,” said Alicastro. “The opportunity for our students to apply for internships with NBC Sports will help them now and in the future as they enter the job market no matter where they begin their careers.”

McArdle told those in attendance what NBCUniversal and NBC Sports looks for in applicants, and what might help someone land an internship with the company.

“Campus involvement is definitely the most important on any students resume. Whether it is playing a sport, being in a club, Greek life, what have you. Campus involvement is what we look for,” said McArdle. “Do your research, showcase your value, have thoughtful questions, and most importantly, be yourself.”

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