Rolling With the Punches: Agape Latte


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On  Thursday, September 14, Campus Ministry held its second Agape Latte with guest speaker and Director of Campus Experience, Rob Gilmore.

There are many aspects of life that a college student is trying to figure out all in the span of four years.

It can be difficult at times and that is why events such as Agape Latte are held, so students can discuss and relate to someone who has been through it before.

 “You guys are in a time of your life where you don’t know what to believe. You are in a transition phase,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore, an alumni of Sacred Heart, knows what the life of a college student is like, which resonated with the students who attended the event.

Agape Latte is one of the many events offered during Campus Ministry’s “Espresso Your Faith Week.”

Agape Latte and “Espresso Your Faith Week” began at Boston College, but have been adopted here at Sacred Heart with Campus Ministry’s own personal twist to it.

The Agape Event event is meant to be the ‘anchor’ of “Espresso Your Faith” Week. The topic of conversation at Agape Latte is one about life and faith and how the two impact each other. 

“It’s an event that is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of what their faith might look like,”  said Devon McCormick, one of the campus ministers.

Although Sacred Heart is a Catholic University, Campus Ministry encourages those of any denomination to get involved and show how faith impacts their lives on a daily basis.

The first Agape Latte of the year, held in the Linda McMahon Commons, had a large crowd of students, faculty, and staff listening to Gilmore’s talk about “Rolling with the Punches.”

Senior Elizabeth Zaffina said she came out to Agape Latte because of Gilmore. “I’m a big fan of Rob and I wanted to come and see him speak at the event,” said Zaffina.

The event started with live music and a table with cookies and coffee.

“What college student doesn’t need caffeine? Students are constantly looking for a place they can be themselves with people who they relate to. Both of these events provide both of those things for them,” said McCormick when asked why “Espresso Your Faith Week” and Agape Latte resonate with college students so much.

Campus Ministry and the Peer Ministry Team, a group of student leaders within Campus Ministry, have been hard to organizing Espresso Your Faith Week and making sure all the events run smoothly.

“I was part of campus ministry in high school and wanted to continue to create friendships and help others out in regards to their faith,” said sophomore Anthony Smith, a member of the Peer Ministry Team.

McCormick also hoped “Espresso Your Faith Week” could reflect Campus Ministry as an office .

“All it takes to be a part of Campus Ministry is just showing up. We want to be an office that welcomes anyone and everyone, so Espresso Your Faith Week is a great way for us to do that,” said McCormick.

Campus Ministry has a handful of goals they would like to accomplish.

“At Campus Ministry we are trying to help students find out more about themselves by digging deep into their faith, no matter what that might be. We would like to help our community and engage them more into spirituality,” said Campus Ministry graduate assistant, Justin Lee.

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