SHU Welcomes Siblings for Annual Siblings Weekend



On Feb. 10 through Feb. 11, Sacred Heart University held its annual Siblings Weekend. The event is a way for current students and their siblings to get together for a fun weekend at the university.

The event was put together by the Student Events Team (SET) and featured a myriad of activities for siblings of all ages.

It included events such Bingo, trivia contests, and a comedy and magic show.

Many Sacred Heart undergraduates arrived on Saturday morning accompanied by their brothers and sisters. For many students, it was their first time seeing their siblings since the holiday break.

“It’s a great opportunity to see my brother, and for him to get a taste of what college is really like,” said freshman Robert Glidden. His younger brother, David, has just recently turned 16 and is beginning to start his own search for the right university.

The event took a couple months of planning and required a great deal of effort on the part of all the members of SET.

Members of the team were also responsible for working the activities throughout the weekend.

“Our SET E-board put so much time into setting this all up,” said SET member and sophomore Anthony Smith. “Our events chair, Andrea, was in charge of this weekend and she put three plus months into planning everything.”

Going along with this year’s circus theme, the weekend began with Big Red’s Carnival. It featured games, food and a host of other activities. After a lunch break, the festivities resumed with the Sideshow Spectacular, a “Minute to Win it” style competition.

Later in the day, siblings tested their pop-culture knowledge in a trivia contest called “The Greatest Game Show on Earth.”

The evening concluded with a performance from comedian and magician John Cassidy, who currently holds the record for most balloon animals sculpted in an hour.

Sunday morning began with breakfast in the University Commons and continued with a huge game of Bingo, which toted various prizes. The weekend ended with Mass held in the Chapel.

“It’s a great way for current students, freshman through seniors, for their siblings to get to see what its like to come and spend a day at SHU,” said Smith. “Many of them will be looking at schools to go to in the next couple of years, and this can be a deciding factor when choosing whether or not they want to come to Sacred Heart.”

The activities gave current students and their siblings a chance to bond and learn more about life at Sacred Heart, which some younger siblings may take into consideration in the future.

“I hope that my brother had a good time,” said Glidden. “When he’s looking at colleges and starts getting accepted places, he’s certainly going to have a hard choice, but I hope that this sways his opinion a little.”

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