A Love Letter to the Martire Building

My Dearest Martire Building,

Boy, we’ve had some great memories. It all started in CM-101, where I learned the basic fundamentals of media, and how important of a role it plays in our society right in your movie theater style viewing rooms (Extremely hard not to fall asleep in that chair).

Things got interesting quickly when I took Professor Z’s podcast journalism class and digital editing with Professor Miranda. That was when I was introduced to your editing rooms. Oh how sweet your editing rooms truly are. Always warm and peaceful, and always available! 

The Frank and Marisa Martire Building, at the corner of Park Avenue and Jefferson Street in Bridgeport, CT. For me, it’s home.

In your second floor, I learned how to coil wires in Professor PJ’s sports broadcasting class right in the cubicle hallways. I can now say with confidence that not only have I learned the proper way to coil, but I also realized it’s one of my favorite parts of a live event broadcast. I now even find myself coiling my phone charger. 

Einstein’s Bagels. There may not be a better smell than that of coffee roasting from Einstein’s before an early morning class. That Friday morning iced coffee and bagel before Professor Batista’s studio production class was a true life saver! Thank you for always keeping me full and caffeinated. 

And then there is Studio A, the memories it already holds! Whether it was running the Kellog’s commercial in Professor Russo’s CM222 class, or getting to anchor on the 49th episode of the Pulse, Studio A is one of your best features. 

But I think my favorite room of yours is right here in the Spectrum Office, where I am currently writing this letter. There is not a single place on campus that brings me more comfort and productivity than your Spectrum Office. 

Thanks for (almost) always being open, without you I wouldn’t have been able to get those late night 1 a.m. editing sessions in, or  finish up a critical film essay for Professor Gottlieb’s History of Film class. You never let me down in the trying times of the semester. 

My sweet Martire building, thank you for always being there when it mattered most. 

Yours truly,


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