It’s Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever thought of stepping out of your comfort zone to suggest something that could be rejected? In that case, have you held back from sharing your ideas because you are afraid of rejection?

Well, after my senior year, I learned to no longer be afraid of the unknown or rejection.

At the beginning of senior year, I was contemplating what to do for my senior capstone project. I had been interning for the Cape Cod Baseball League for five months at this time and thought I would do a collaboration with my internship and my senior project.

The Cape Cod Baseball League is a collegiate summer baseball league that is located on Cape Cod, Mass. The organization is a non-profit and a prestigious 10-team league, and the teams are made up of recruited college athletes from all over the country.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the organization was unable to have summer baseball during 2020. I brainstormed the idea to the supervisors of my internship of starting a podcast for the league to keep content rolling throughout the offseason.

Twenty-three episodes later, I enjoy every minute of what I do. The Cape League and Its Communities podcast was created, established and run by solely myself. The podcast is run on a weekly basis, but sometimes every other week.

The journey of creating your own idea and presenting it to the world is not easy, but extremely worth the time and effort.

The podcast focuses on a light-hearted conversation about baseball and those involved in the league. I have spoken with previous athletes, some making it to the minor and major leagues after or during their college careers, as well as to coaches, scouts and members of the organization.

I have enjoyed hearing everyone’s story, but more importantly, I have appreciated being able to share their story. I find value and purpose in interviewing others and getting to present their journey with the world.

With senior year coming to an end in four short weeks, I have looked back on my college career and appreciate Sacred Heart for helping me discover and enjoy what I do every day.

I’m excited to continue my journey within the sports industry and to see what it has to offer. More importantly, I look forward to the individuals I will meet in the future and the stories I will learn from them.

I live by the motto that everyone has their own story to tell, and I will be the one to tell those stories. No matter how big or small, every story matters.

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