“Beware the Ides of March”

By Jessica Lewis

“Beware the Ides of March.” Having a birthday that falls on March 15, this saying is something I have heard all my life.

Historically, the warning refers to the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. William Shakespeare then dramatized this warning in his play he named “Julius Caesar.” In the play, the ominous warning was uttered to foreshadow his death.

Given this past March’s weather, it looks like the students at Sacred Heart should have taken the eerie warning associated with the month more seriously.

This past March has brought a lot of unpredictable weather. By mid-March, most are eagerly anticipating a break from winter’s wrath. This year, the week of March 15 followed our school’s spring break. Instead of a warm welcome back to campus from paradise, students were hit with a frigid reminder that winter was not going down without a fight.

Although Snowstorm Stella was an MVP for her hand in the cancellation of classes, she dumped a lot of unwanted responsibility onto Sacred Heart’s students.

Now don’t get me wrong, like most students, my roommates and I love snow days as they usually consist of non-stop eating and watching movies all day, but deep down we are over the bitter cold weather.

I am tired of big winter coats, snow boots and wondering where my shovel is. The beauty of a snow-covered campus has lost its charm and digging out my car has never had any appeal. Winter is officially over and warmer weather is on the brain. Spring has hit and the snow piles that have commandeered valuable parking spots on campus are very disheartening. With even less parking spaces available, finding a spot and getting to your classes on-time now seems like a spin-off of “The Hunger Games.”

Daylight savings time came and went but the cold weather still remains. I will happily lose an hour of sleep if it means retiring my ice melt for the season.

My roommates and I have an arsenal of Zyrtec, Claritin and tissues, willing to welcome the sneezing and itchy eyes that springtime allergies bring if it means no more snow. Even the birds outside my window are ready for the weather to break. They have not skipped a beat this past week, unapologetically waking me up at the crack of dawn to let everyone know that they’re ready for spring.

Events like Spring Fest are right around the corner and my sandals, dresses and array of colorful sunglasses have found their way to the front of my closet.

As we finish out the last week of March, reap the benefits of daylight savings time, and recover from an unpredictable month of weather, I can’t help but wonder what April will bring.

As for me, I’ll be dreaming of warmer days and looking forward to breaking out my sunscreen and swapping the ice scrapper in my trunk for my beach chair.

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