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BY Angelina Di Nota

Asst. Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Think about the concept of a close knit community. How many people could say that they come from somewhere that they cherish so close to their heart? And then make their way to college and have the same exact feeling. I come from a small town in Westchester, New York; Mount Pleasant. As a matter of fact, I actually live in the hamlet of Thornwood, that’s how small it is. My high school wasn’t even named after my town because of the four hamlets that came together to create Westlake High School.

I grew up in a household where my parents taught me to do nothing more than the most for the people I surround myself with. Someday those people you surround yourself with will eventually do the same for you.

My father was a staple figure of my community and was someone many people looked up to. As I got older, I was able to realize the effect he had on many people’s lives. He was the kindest and most selfless man I have ever known and am proud to call my father. Both my father and mother taught me the true meaning of giving back to a place or people that mean so much to you. Giving back your time, and most importantly, not expecting any credit for what you do for everyone else around you.

In my college search process, that was something I primarily looked for. A school where there were endless opportunities to get involved and have that same feeling I got when I walked through my hometown.

Luckily, I have had the opportunity to attend Sacred Heart University to create my own legacy and be a part of another close knit community that I am so very proud to call my second home. A huge part of a close knit community are the people that come with it. Right when I stepped on Sacred Heart’s campus my junior year of high school, I knew this is where I would end up.

The friendships that I have created here will last a lifetime and a half. People that I know will be there for me through every step of the way and have been there for me through every second of the three years I have been lucky enough to have known them.

I came to my Sacred Heart tour with my Mom, Dad and younger brother Robert. When we were in the William H. Pitt Center, the tour guide had asked if anyone had aspirations of being a Division I athlete. My younger brother was a freshman in high school at the time. He was the only one who raised his hand.

Now, Robert is a freshman at Sacred Heart playing Division I football. Once he committed, my parents, my older brother and the rest of my family saw that as a sign that this was meant to be a second home for us. A place where we could grow and experience this tight knit community.

I am so very proud to be a part of two amazing communities that I am able to call my home.

Thank you, Dad, for giving me the reason I have such a strong passion about close knit communities. I will never forget the mark you left on not only my life, but everyone else’s. This one is for you.

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