In the Blink of an Eye

BY Gina D’Amico

It was a bright and sunny afternoon when I walked across the stage at Plainville High School to accept my diploma. Four years later, on Sunday, May 10, 2020 I will be walking across the stage at the Webster Bank Arena, receiving my bachelor’s degree from Sacred Heart University. I frequently find myself questioning how time passes by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was going through the college search process, attempting to discover the school that I would call home for the next four years.

After I made my decision to attend Sacred Heart University, freshman year immediately drew to a close and I had many thoughts in my head: Was I going to fit in? Would people like me? Was this going to be the school for me? Now as a senior at SHU, I realize that my choice to attend Sacred Heart was the right decision for me. Sacred Heart University connected me with lifelong friends and memories that I will hold close to my heart. Although going to class was not always the highlight of my day, the professors taught me how to grow as a student, employee, and an adult. The professors at Sacred Heart truly care about their students’ success. They are willing to jump on the phone with you or have a sit-down talk to help make life decisions even when it may be their day off.

Everybody used to instruct me to “value my time at SHU” because of how fast time passes. These words never made a direct impact on me until this year. Although I used to think this phrase was a cliché, I truly realized the importance of valuing my time this year. It seems like each year goes by quicker than the year before. The thought of graduation was something that I had always anticipated. As the time is rapidly approaching, it is a subject that is shocking for me to grasp. My friends and I always look back on our Snapchat memories and see pictures and videos that says “three years ago.” It baffles us because it feels like those memories happened just yesterday.

A significant point of discussion that my friends and I have been talking about over these last four years, and particularly this year, is concentrating on what our plans are for after graduation. I vividly remember sitting in my guidance counselor’s office at my high school applying to schools. Now I can’t believe I am already applying for full-time employment positions. It is exciting yet nerve-wrecking to think about working a full-time job and not being in college any longer.

Overall, it’s true that life goes by in the blink of an eye. Although my time at SHU is quickly nearing its end, I have learned to cherish every moment. I realize how blessed and lucky I have been to attend such a prestigious and well-respected school. I am proud to soon call myself an alumna of Sacred Heart University.

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