Dear Spectrum:

By Jessica Chaloux

Managing Editor

For the past three years Spectrum has been a focal point of my college career. Now it seems that it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m currently sitting at the one computer that doesn’t have a Mac keyboard as Natalie is yelling about what to headline her editorial even though she doesn’t know her topic yet. Tony is writing his He Said column last minute like every week and Christian is actually paying attention to copy editing.

It’s moments like these that I will really miss… except maybe this darn keyboard, Keith can we get a new one?

Mondays are commonly pinned as the most hated day of the week, but for myself I know I look forward to them. 22 of them to be exact, and as I look back to the beginning of the fall semester it’s amazing to see how much we have improved as writers and as a staff as a whole.

Through all of the rough issues, pun intended, we have all encountered this year, we got through them because of each other. Being a team is what makes Spectrum successful. Another part of the team is our faculty advisor Professor Joanne Kabak who has always been there for the board mentoring us with style and journalistic tips. Spectrum wouldn’t be as successful without you.

My sophomore year I registered for Sacred Heart’s News Writing & Reporting class and that’s where I started with the paper. Junior year I moved up into a copy editor position and now have spent my senior year as the managing editor.

We have had been challenged with the task to assign and write articles, put together your pages and edit every week. Although there had been some rough days, we always managed to pull through with a smile. Even if that smile was from being overtired, it still counts.

Some of the late nights that Natalie and I have pulled Monday into Tuesday are some of the most memorable. We’ve danced on the table tops, eaten countless pizzas and other junk food that I don’t want to mention because I’m already getting hungry just by typing pizza, sang at the top of our lungs very off key and just all around had fun even if we argued sometimes about missing an error.

Although I’ve known Natalie since our pre-fall program freshman year, being in Spectrum together gave me one of my best friends. I’m not sure what I would do without her, I know that sounds sappy, but sappy is my middle name. Heck, we even went to Alpha Delta Pi sorority formal together #BFFgoals (sorry Tony).

Spectrum has given me many friendships that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make otherwise. It’s so strange how SHU students walk amongst each other for years and end up becoming friends in their senior year. I wish I was able to make these friendships my freshman year to have more time with some of my favorite people.

So thank you Spectrum. Thank you for the friendships, learning experiences and solidifying that media and communications is something that I am looking to continue with after graduation in May.

To Alexa, Giovanna and Bryan who will be taking over as Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editors, we will be reading online next year. Can’t wait to see how you, along with the rest of the Spectrum staff, further the growth of this amazing paper.

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