Forever a Student at Heart

When I first sat down to write this, I thought it was going to be an easy article. Reflect about your time at SHU and think about how deciding to come here four years ago has changed your life. I thought, “That’s easy!” I quickly realized that that was not the case.

When I think about my time here at SHU, so many different memories and experiences come to my mind. I am so grateful for what SHU has brought me, offered me and what I have taken advantage of being here for the last four years.

To start, Sacred Heart has given me my best friends. Moving into Toussaint Hall my freshman year, I was filled with so many different emotions. I was nervous and wondering if and how I would make friends, what my classes would be like, what if I hated the food, what would I do if I was homesick?

All of my questions were quickly answered when I stepped onto campus. The first couple weeks I met amazing people and quickly formed long lasting friendships that I am so grateful for. I am so thankful for those girls and could not imagine my college experience without them.

Another experience that I am so grateful for was the opportunity to study abroad twice. Ever since I can remember I always dreamed about studying abroad and SHU made those dreams become a reality. I was able to live in Rome, Italy for five months, meet absolutely amazing people, and travel all over Europe across Italy. Then I chose to go to Dingle for two weeks the following May. Dingle was a dream and it was amazing to be in Ireland where my family is from and of course, hold a baby lamb.

In addition, I have learned and grown so much at Sacred Heart. I am so grateful for my professors and fellow students. Being able to learn from my professors, I have become smarter, more confident in my skills, and have been able to build relationships with them. I have learned so much from all of my professors here and am so grateful for their guidance and knowledge.

My time at SHU would not be as entertaining as it has been without Her Campus and The Spectrum. Being on the executive board for both of these organizations, I was able to become a stronger writer, meet so many wonderful people, and have so much fun.

People always say that college flies by in the blink of an eye and I remember thinking freshman there’s no way that’s true. If I could go back to my freshman year self, I would say that your four years at Sacred Heart will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before. You will be given opportunities that you could never dream of and you will have the time of your life with some of your favorite people you haven’t even met yet. So don’t blink and remember you will forever be a student at heart.

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