Thoughts On My College Experience

By Keely McCarthy
Copy Editor

When I first got accepted into college, I knew that I wanted to receive opportunities to write in genres I felt passionate about. I had always felt that writing was my best way to communicate. As a freshman, I considered myself a beginning writer. If you asked me now, I’d still say that I regard myself as a beginning writer. In my first poetry class, I learned that punctuation and capital letters weren’t needed in written lines, if I didn’t feel it fit the narrative(s). While it may sound cliché, I navigated life in college through adapting and constructing my own narrative.

Having been raised with a strong spiritual faith, I took many theology and religious studies course electives at Sacred Heart. My theological perspective on world religions and writing courses further challenged my writing. Like many writers throughout history, I consider myself an introvert.

One of my strengths as an introvert is that I can listen well in a loud world and pay careful attention to detail when conversing with others. I think that wisdom can be gained by actively listening to what people are saying.

I feel like my experiences at Sacred Heart further broadened my horizons and my ability to self-advocate for myself.

One of my broadened horizons was internships I took hold of at Sacred Heart, one including Pascale Communications. Through my internship at Pascale, I learned the parlance of communications and public relations.   

My experience copy editing for Spectrum Newspaper helped me to not only appreciate correct grammar and use AP formatting style, but also strengthened my own editing skills in writing academic papers. 

I held a position as the recruitment chair for my sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, Gamma Rho, for term. I felt honored that my sorority sisters felt that I could lead our members in recruitment and teach our girls how to recruit, and about recruitment, so that we could welcome new members to our organization. 

I had a part-time job in college working at a Trader Joe’s grocery store as a crew member. I felt honored and grateful that I got to work alongside wonderful coworkers and managers through their mission, values, enthusiasm and encouragement. 

I’m eager to see what my future holds, but I am most grateful to the supportive university I got the opportunity to graduate from. 

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