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The Spectrum is a student-run weekly newspaper publication first published in 1983.

Since then, The Spectrum has been Sacred Heart University’s source for on-campus as well as local, state and global news.

Our mission has and always will be to report with honesty, respect and integrity while instilling these values into our writers.

The staff is comprised of students from CM211, Newswriting and Reporting, in which students are taught the fundamentals of news writing while having their articles published in the Spectrum weekly. However, all students are welcome to contribute to our paper.

Through taking the CM211 course, students learn the foundation of news writing and reporting, as well as the basics of journalism.

As a staff writer, students take the skills they learn through the course to develop their story-telling ability.

The editorial board consists of 25 writing section and publication support editors along with our Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Head Content Editor.

Our sections cover wide-ranging topics such as News, which covers on-campus, local, national and global stories. The Features section often shines the spotlight on campus events, students and faculty. Perspectives shares the viewpoints of students on current events, campus news and entertainment. Arts and Entertainment covers stories ranging from the latest fashion trends, and award shows to on-campus performances. Our Sports section covers Sacred Heart athletic teams and athletes, while also covering sports news at the national level.

Audrey’s Corner, a creative section of The Spectrum, was created in honor of a student who passed away a few years ago. Audrey Niblo was a kind and positive influence in her personal and student life, so we try to emulate that in all of our articles. However, she was also bullied for part of her life and was very open about her struggles. Our goal is to provide a safe space for students, faculty, and staff to express their thoughts on topics which relate to Audrey’s personality or struggles and how she overcame them. It’s very different from the rest of the newspaper in that we welcome creative pieces as well as interviews and journalistic articles.

As The Spectrum approaches its 40th year, we continue the tradition of publishing an honest and diverse newspaper for the Sacred Heart community.

Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to or 203-371-7963.

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