Exposing The Spectrum… Kind Of

By: Missy O’Rourke

Photo Editor

For my editorial I decided to write about The Spectrum. I feel like everyone who has worked on The Spectrum has never written about The Spectrum in The Spectrum newspaper, so here I am doing just that. Are you still with me?

  When taking the News Writing and Reporting class, I was pretty surprised to learn that I was going to be writing for the school newspaper. I had never heard of AP style or interviewed anyone, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. What I did know was that I loved photography and that I wanted to be on the photo staff. I was actually excited each week when I picked up a copy of the paper and saw my photos in print.

   When the editors came in each week and sat on the stage in front of the class, I knew I wanted to be up there too. I wanted to learn more about how The Spectrum was made and get involved. I even declared a minor in journalism. That’s when I decided to apply for the assistant photo editor position, and the rest is history.

   I started as an assistant during my junior year, and at first I was definitely nervous. I was initially intimidated by the rest of the staff because I didn’t really know anyone too well. But as the weeks went on, I began to spend more time with everyone, and soon we grew closer and more familiar with each other. By the end of my junior year, I knew I wanted to move up to the position of photo editor and continue my time on the board, which is just what I did.

   I told Alexa and Giovanna that I was going to expose The Spectrum for what it really is. Now this may seem like I’m about to say some negative stuff or blow up their spot, but I’m actually about to get a little mushy.

   I absolutely love being a part of The Spectrum, and through it I have met some truly amazing people at Sacred Heart. There is nothing better than working alongside people who you get along with so well. The hours that I spend in the office each week are some of my favorite.

   Getting to take over the photo desk as my own was easily one of the most exciting things to happen for me. I hung up a tapestry (which Professor Kabak loves), brought in some desk decorations, and even made the background on the computer my dog (which someone changed to Snoop Dogg, so thanks for that). I also have a bulletin board on my desk with my She Said column tacked on along with any other mistakes found in past issues of the paper, because sadly we do make mistakes. Shoutout to ‘Word’ News.

   I also ban people from my photo desk. Because I love my desk so much, I’ll just ban someone with no mercy if I see them sitting at it. Christina has been banned twice, while Kelsey and Evan (my assistant) only face single bans. A fun thing that also happens all the time is being fired by Alexa. Ever since Alexa was chosen to be the new Editor in Chief, she has fake fired me probably a thousand times. It’s all out of love though, so don’t worry Professor Kabak—I’m not going anywhere.

   As the first semester of The Spectrum is coming to a close, I am looking forward to more laughs with Alexa at the photo desk on Mondays, being scared by Bryan, having Christina fetch me more water (and then pour it in the trash), training Tessa, and continuing my reign as photo queen.

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