Napping: A Way of Life

By Giovanna Gatto

Perspectives Editor

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it is that I have a very close relationship with naps. As a child, my noon nap routine was a crucial part of my oh-so busy life. Now as adult and college student, I take my nap schedule even more seriously.     Napping is art that must practiced and maintained. If it is done correctly then you will become a more effective person who has the ability to utilize their time to its greatest possible potential. Naps are more than a relaxation, they are a way to refuel your day and to feel refreshed and renewed. Yet, only the greatest of nap masters have been able channel the methodology behind the perfect nap.

In order to become a pro napper such as myself, you must practice the art with careful precision. After years of internal research I have developed the ability to nap on command, anywhere, at anytime. For factual proof please contact: Alexa Binkowitz at who has been a witness to this claim.

My impressive napping abilities have taken me to infinity and beyond. On a regular basis I am napping on the train to and from work, I nap in other public places, in between classes, in cars, on couches and occasionally in my bed. However, some of my most prime napping locations range from 63s to Mcdonald’s. It is safe say that I am a napping olympian. I have conquered the ability to force myself into a nap whenever I feel the timing is right.

Yet, my philosophy is even deeper. I have developed a method of napping that allows me to tend to my busy schedule while staying recharged and energized. I call this the 12 minute nap.Why 12 minutes? Well, it takes the average person about seven minutes to fall asleep thus leaving five minutes remaining for the most quality nap that you can obtain.

How to get the most of your twelve minute nap: before beginning don’t forget to set an alarm for 12 minutes.

Step one: Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be before beginning. If you are cold or hot consider utilizing your surroundings and belongings to the best of your ability so that you have as few disturbances as possible.

Step two: Adjust your neck and head so they will not topple in any direction when you enter nap mode.

Step three: Take three slow deep breathes and focus on calming your body into a relaxation. This step is important because you are bringing your heart rate down to a level that you can fall asleep at.

Step four: Slowly close your eyes and count backwards from 3.

Step five: Continue focusing on slowing your breathing until there is no longer a need to focus because you have entered your nap!

Now this method may take some practice and dedication to master. However, if you section off time to study you soon too can nap anywhere at anytime. Personally, this form of napping is more than just a routine, it is a lifestyle. Thus, if you taking napping as seriously as myself, then this beginners guide should be a starting bible. Yet, if you are an average napper than nap on my friend. Join in the relaxing revolution, grab a friend and spread the snooze.

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