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Appreciation. Every senior is reflecting on their last four years at Sacred Heart and, especially because our time got cut short, wishing for one last time. One last in-person class, one last senior pub night, one last night with our friends. I am extremely thankful for everything Sacred Heart has given me for the last four years and here’s why. 

Freshmen Year: the Loner Year. Freshman year was all about hitting the books, getting good grades, and lots of food. Believe it or not, my freshmen year, Ronc was actually the best dorm to be in. It had more space, a private gym and an ice cream shop that was open for a month. Even though I didn’t make any friends freshman year, at least I lived in the best dorm. The only downside was when it rained, since Linda’s is so far away. 

Before JP’s even existed, late night Linda’s was the place to be. I laugh that I ran to Linda’s in the pouring rain, at one in the morning, just for a pizza. I can’t explain it, but Linda’s at 2 a.m. just hits different. 

Sophomore Year: Beta Theta Pi. I never thought I’d be that guy who joined a fraternity. But my fiancee convinced me otherwise. I decided to join Beta and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Strangers became best friends and the true meaning of brotherhood was shown. My brothers helped to break me out of my shell and broaden my horizons. I joined the Clean 2 Restore Club that was led by one of my brothers and formed stronger bonds with them. I learned the true meaning of not only being a Beta Theta Pi but being a member of Greek Life in general. This year I watched first hand as all the chapters competed against each other to win Greek Week and then two weeks later filled the chapel to support an organization that lost one of their members. 

Junior Year: Friendship. I got closer with my two littles along with the rest of my brothers. This is when I understood the phrase Beta isn’t just for four years, it’s for life. These are the guys that will be dancing at my wedding next year. 

I got one of the coveted spots at the Ridge Townhouse. In one year strangers turned to best friends. I went from not knowing if I belonged to going on late night JP’s or McDonald’s runs, baking cookies at 3 a.m., watching “The Shining” when I should be studying for a midterm, and staying up all night talking. These guys are brothers to me just like Beta. 

Senior Year: Leadership. I took on a new challenge: leading. I continued serving on Kia for Beta as well as writing and editing for Spectrum. I also resurrected the Sports Media Club and served as its president for this past year. If you would’ve told me four years ago I’d be doing all of this, I would’ve laughed. 

Sacred Heart, thank you. Thank you for helping to mold me into the person I am now. I came into college four years ago with clowns running around the world and am graduating in the midst of a pandemic. I came into college wanting to get out as quickly as possible and now I am so thankful I get to spend another year here for graduate school. I hope every underclassmen reading this learns from us seniors to appreciate Sacred Heart for all it has to offer — bad parking and all. 


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