The End of the Beginning

The ending of the beginning. The remaining days of college can be bittersweet yet very nerve wracking. The job search and after college plans can be exciting and worrisome. It is known that “everything happens for a reason” which can help me through the rough patches.

As the days are winding down it is a bittersweet feeling participating in all the senior festivities and looking back at all my last events from this past year. My last President’s Gala, my last sorority formal, my first time at Red’s, my last family weekend, and my last time working for the Spectrum. Never being able to live with my friends in my small little Bridgeport house breaks my heart but I am enjoying the rest of my time here with my friends which is something I am going to cherish forever.

College was this new beginning that quickly came to an end. Freshman year feels like a lifetime ago because of how much I have changed. From being that shy timid freshman to now involved in so much and being as confident as ever. As a freshman I was so uncertain of what college would be like because I lost a whole semester due to COVID. Then there were so many restrictions sophomore year that constantly made me drive home on the weekends. When junior year came around the corner I was living in an off campus house which allowed for so much more freedom. I was cooking, cleaning, and taking on house responsibilities with my friends. Being able to share a house with my friends and host small gatherings was an experience I will not forget. Senior year was full of lasts that I will remember forever.

As I look back at my time at Sacred Heart, one word comes to mind: grateful. There are several things I am grateful for at SHU. I will forever be grateful for all of the friends I have made that feel like family to me by now. Prior to Sacred Heart, I went to a very small high school where I was involved in pretty much every club because I enjoyed being a part of something. Coming into college I wanted to be involved as much as I could. Here at Sacred Heart, I am a part of a sorority called Zeta Tau Alpha, the Public Relations Society of America, and the Spectrum Newspaper. Being a part of the Spectrum allowed me to take on responsibilities in the media field where I can see myself working in the future. I am most grateful for the photo team who were so supportive and helped me have a successful semester.

As I finish this chapter in my life I can reflect that this ending is now just a beginning for what’s to come.

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