Why We All Love Ken Bone

By Alex Padalino

Co-Sports Editor

In a political race that has left us with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, why not pick Ken Bone? This is the question that millions of Americans are asking following the second 2016 Presidential Debate that took place on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Washington University in Saint Louis. It wasn’t Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton who captured the attention of the media following the debate, instead it was Ken Bone.

Bone was the true winner of the Presidential Debate. Bone, from Belleville, Illinois was one of the undecided voters, chosen by the Gallup organization to be a member of the on-stage panel. While the debate was filled with anger, outrage and acquisitions, Bone and his half-zip red sweater turned things around in the final minutes of the debate, making him an American hero.

The reason Bone is so great is that he’s an Average American, who during a time of political turmoil represents the things that Americans should really be focusing on when deciding who to vote for on Nov. 8. He’s a middleclass man who simply wants what is best for his family and the country.

He’s a style icon. It’s the red quarter-zip sweater, the glasses, the button down, and the white tie that stole the heart of Americans across the nation. While his sweater may have made him Internet famous, it almost did not make its way out of his closet.

In an interview with Carol Costello on CNN, Bone revealed that the red sweater was actually plan B. He had originally planned to wear an olive green suite but the pants to the suit split when he got into his car on his way to the debate. And we can’t forget about the mustache that has made Bone the topic of many barbershop conversations. His iconic mustache is simple, classy and well-groomed yet edgy enough to make a statement. During a Halloween year in which clowns have been banned in many states, why not dress up as Bone on Oct. 31?

He asked an intelligent question. Bone, an employee of Prairie State Energy Campus, asked a question relevant to his career in hopes that one candidate would answer with a promising response. And honestly, who doesn’t love someone who cares about the environment?

“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?” said Bone.

Bone wants to make the right choice when he votes. He also remains tight-lipped when it comes to revealing his choice for President. While he is currently undecided, Bone had said that he will not disclose who he has voted for until after Election Day.

Bone is all about simplicity. In a political race that has become a screaming match between two people who have seemingly divided the country, Bone has provided America with much needed comic-relief. Oh, and we cannot forget the iconic disposable camera that Bone brought to the debate. At an event where the use of electronic devices and flash photography was prohibited, Bone had it covered. He reminded us of a simpler time, as he was seen snapping away with his disposable camera after the debate. And no, I do not mean Snapchatting.

He’s funny. He’s fashionable. He’s relatable and most of all, he has remained true to himself throughout his rise to stardom. During a time where America is searching for a voice of reason, Bone became the nation’s unofficial spokesperson. So the question remains, why not love Ken Bone? There are too many reasons not to.

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