Avocado or Nado

He Said: Anthony Matteriello

Now that we all know that Staten Island is the best borough and realistically the best place on Earth, its time to move on to the next topic.

Before I introduce to you what the debate is for this week I just want you to picture something for me.

It was the beginning of senior year. Sunday morning, about 11 a.m. and I had a rough night before.

I decided to cure this with some food from Best Edibles.

I did the smart thing and called ahead so that once I walk in I can start scarfing down my food.

Now it was almost the afternoon, I didn’t think my stomach could handle eggs, so I decide to get something off the lunch menu.

I decided on the Best Edible Club sandwich.

I will admit that it’s the first time I ordered the club sandwich and I never looked at it on the menu, but it’s just a club sandwich. What could go wrong?

I waited ten minutes, drove a few others and myself to Best Edibles, grabbed my food and sat down.

I opened the container and took in the aroma of the delicious turkey with some hot, crispy bacon on top and my mouth starts to water.

Again, I will admit that I didn’t get a good look at the sandwich, but it probably was due to the fact that I still had my
sunglasses on because my poor eyes couldn’t handle the sunlight yet.

Anyway, I took my first bite into the sandwich. I heard the nice crunch of the crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and then I taste the tomato and mayonnaise.

The turkey is cut nice and thin topped off with a thick cut of American cheese.

All is right in the world until something horrible happened.

I taste something, something that isn’t right. I’ve been duped.

I whipped off my sunglasses, not caring how bright it was, to look down at my sandwich.

The worst of my fear had come true. Some devil put avocado on my club sandwich.

After spitting my food out of my mouth and practically getting it all over the old lady in front of me, I needed to take a few breaths to collect myself.

If you haven’t figured out what this week’s topic is, it’s about avocado.

Specifically, I’m talking about how terrible the devil’s fruit is.

Firstly, avocados taste terrible. Anything that’s made with avocado…terrible. Guacamole might as well be guano.

If you don’t know what guano is than you should really watch “Ace Ventura.”

I never understood the craze for avocados. The fruit just freaks me out. It’s big, green and has a giant brown pitt in the middle.

I know plenty of people have been raving about how healthy it is for you and how many nutrients and vitamins are in it.

High in nutrients it may be, but an avocado has quite a bit of calories in it. 234 calories per cup to be exact.

So the next time you’re crazy enough to ask and pay for guacamole at Chipotle, you might want to rethink it.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Avocados are so delicious. Many refer to avocados as being one of their favorite tropical fruits to eat. Athough, I know Anthony over to my left does not like them, I however, do.

It gives your food a sort of smooth unique tropical taste that will give your taste buds some extra flavor.

I like to incorporate avocados in my sandwiches and salads. When mixed with a citrus or lemon salad dressing it can bring an explosion of flavor.

Depending on your preference it will probably taste good with a burrito and any kind of rice as well. I mean there
is a reason why everyone loves the guacamole at Moe’s and Chipotle.

Chipotle even charges extra if one wants guacamole on their salad, taco or burrito. This is assuming chipotle wants to make more of a profit because they know a good amount of people love the taste of avocado with their food.

Guacamole is also another thing I especially love to eat as a snack. I make my own homemade guacamole. I’ll first start with the most important and obvious ingredient, avocados, and then add some seasoning in it such as parsley and thyme. I’ll then cut up some raw onions and different types of bell peppers to add to the mix.

As I lightly mix the avocados into a creamy guacamole, I squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice into it, which gives a citrus kick.

Have the guacamole with a little salsa and chips, and you are good to go.

Not only is it good to eat, but there are also a plethora of different healthy benefits that come along with eating avocados.

It naturally contains many key nutrients and vitamins essential to the body. It also is loaded with protein and some of the healthy oils that are good for nourishing the body and skin to make it all natural and smooth.

Avocados contain potassium, the good fats your body needs, and fiber, which should be incorporated into a daily diet.

It also has antioxidants and is proven to lower high cholesterol and relieve certain pains of arthritis.

Avocados also seem to work wonders on my skin. It seems to make it smoother, giving my skin a more radiant glow. I once even read in a health magazine that, every once in a while, it is great to mix avocados in with your hair cleaning routine.

Personally, I have never tried this technique before but I guess it works for others who have. Companies like Treseme, OGX and Dove hair products are now adding a mixture of avocado oils and shea butter into certain lines of their shampoo and conditioner products.

From personally using some of these companies hair products on a daily basis, I could say that overall, it makes my hair look remains shiny, silky, and voluminous.

Overall, avocados are very good for you. They have amazing health benefits and make your hair silky and soft for days.

Whether or not you want to include guacamole in your salad or burrito is up to you, but I think it is great if you’re looking for texture and a kick of flavor in your mouth.

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