Coronavirus: From College to My Couch

By Jared McCabe
Staff Reporter 

My days of walking to classes, taking the shuttle to Sacred Heart University West Campus, work-study, softball and late-night visits to JP’s diner came to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus.

Fast-forward and I have not left my property in Valatie, N.Y., Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked all New Yorkers to hunker down in our homes. Only people in essential jobs can go to work.

Ultimately my days of recording at least 4,000 steps a day going from one side of the university to the other has been reduced drastically. The most steps exerted are walking to our office to my computer for online classes and to raid the refrigerator at least six times a day.

Beyond classes, I do have certain things to take care of in the home. I’m the trash man for my family. But there’s only so much trash to take out for three of us, considering my parents are working their essential jobs during the day.

I also empty the dishwasher daily. Nevertheless, this chore takes me all of three minutes and I counted 105 steps. I could do more in the house, but I just cannot get myself to pick up the vacuum everyday like my parents would like for me to do. I do not want to spoil them too much now that I am home.

And then there’s my furry friend Dolce, a 12-year-old miniature Dachshund. I can only take her for so many walks outside with her arthritis and 6-inch legs compared to my six-foot-two steps.

In addition, I am the youngest of six in a blended family. I’m now an only child for the first time. I have no one to hang with, fight with or create trouble with. Instead, if I am not doing homework or watching sporting reruns, I am asked to sit at a dining room table and do a puzzle alongside my parents.

What has my life come to? 

Never would I have imagined my second semester sophomore year at Sacred Heart ending in quarantine in my home taking online classes, doing housework, getting fresh air, taking the dog for walks or doing a puzzle.  

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