General Electric Purchase Student Reaction

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Sacred Heart to increase some of its smaller programs and will make it a contender with other larger universities in the future,” senior Cody Richard

“31.5 million dollars spent on that and yet we still have no parking,” senior Emily Paro

“I think it’s an awesome addition for SHU and will create more opportunities for students,” junior James Harnett

“As a growing university I think it’s a natural progression,” senior Samantha Haug

“With the purchase of GE I feel like SHU will become an economic powerhouse within Connecticut,” junior Samukh Sood

“I think this school is expanding so rapidly. It makes me proud to be a part of Sacred Heart. Ten years from now when I say that I went to SHU it will mean so much more,” junior Katherine Lindskog

“I think it’s a great investment. I’m just not excited about the tuition bill when it’s over and done with,” junior Wendy Estavien

“The purchase of GE is a great move for Sacred Heart. The outcome will be positive for the School of Computing that was recently developed. It should be great for some health and life science courses as well. An expansion like this is important when improving the higher education of the students at this campus,” junior Gabriel Martinez

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