Pints with Professors

By Kelsey Hor

Staff reporter

Have you ever wondered what your professors do to relax? Did you ever want to get in touch with a professor you had semesters ago to catch up and enjoy their company?

On Sept. 16, Sacred Heart University hosted Pints with Professors during their homecoming weekend. The event was held at Red’s Pub in the Linda McMahon building. Professors from all different departments attended hoping to get to talk to students and alumni.

“Sit down, have a beer and come talk to us about what is going on in your life,” said professor and Chair of Government, Politics and Global Studies, Dr. Gary Rose. “It’s important not only to have an academic relationship with your professors, but also to extend a social one with the faculty too. Things such as the football games and alumni events, I do believe it really helps sustain the Sacred Heart community.”

This is the second year Sacred Heart’s Alumni Relations organized Pints with Professors. Promotional skit videos of professors were posted on Sacred Heart’s Alumni Associations Facebook page leading up to the event. Professors were shocked about how successful the event turned out.

“It was the first time I’d have ever gone to Pints with Professors and it was a really a fun event,” said Coordinator of News & Broadcasting professor Joe Alicastro. “It gives us the opportunity to be in a more relaxed atmosphere, outside of the classroom to talk with students about almost anything they want to talk about. There were former students and some current students that I talked with that evening, I had great conversations with.”

Students agreed that the event enabled everyone to let loose with what was on their minds.

“I think it is a unique event that does a lot for academic stressors to be taken off and to help change the student and professor dynamic,” said senior Andrew Kalach. “I think it can be helpful in networking and winding down our senior year with the teachers that have gotten us here.”

Professors had the opportunity to acknowledge the work that they have done with their students. The event also showed them how they’ve helped students grow.

“I really try hard not to make any judgments because there is so much that I know I have to learn about them, as much as they have to learn about me,” said Alicastro.

Professors also recognize the impact they may have with their former and current students by getting to know them.

“It’s about getting to know what my students are doing and have done with their lives,” said Rose. “The best is when you find how what you have done has brought relevance to their lives.”

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