He Said: How Early is Too Early for Pumpkin Spice?

Pumpkin spice latte is the coffee of the fall, but we haven’t yet hit the fall season. Is it too early for pumpkin spice? With the weather being so hot and brutal these past couple weeks, many people think that this hot coffee isn’t coming out at a good time, but it is. Even though the weather may be too hot and it’s not yet the fall season, it’s never a bad time for coffee.

Inside a pumpkin spice latte, it’s pretty simple. It contains a mix of traditional fall spice flavors, steamed milk, espresso, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice. I mean who doesn’t like that? Looking at each ingredient one by one, it just sounds even more amazing. To start off, any milk is amazing. Milk in coffee or just straight milk is the best. Next an espresso, also just amazing if you’re a coffee person. Then to top it off, you have whip cream. Who doesn’t like whip cream?

Being the type of guy who drinks hot coffee all year around, I’m ready for all new and seasonal coffee flavors. Even though I’m not a huge pumpkin spice latte fan, I’ll drink some during the fall season. I guess it also depends on what you put in your coffee. When I drink my coffee, I put a splash of milk and sugar.

Also, when I heard people complaining about the pumpkin spice latte, I questioned why. I felt like the people complaining were either the people who don’t drink coffee or the people who only drink iced coffee. I’m not saying iced coffee is bad or anything but I just personally think hot coffee is better.

For the true coffee fans, I feel like we don’t care how hot or what the weather is, we are still going to drink coffee. No matter how hot it is, if I want a coffee, I’m drinking it hot. So, you can say I’m more of a hot coffee guy.

Even though I’m yet to see pumpkin spice lattes in stores and in coffee chains (Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks), I’m not complaining. When people complain about it, it makes me think of cars getting released a couple months early before the year starts. Nobody ever complains about that. No matter what is being released early, I’m not going to complain.

Also, the stores releasing it early probably make more money. For the people that love these seasonal coffees, like pumpkin spice, they probably sell more coffee than usual. They are getting their normal sales for regular coffee plus their sales of the seasonal stuff.

In all honesty, I think the release of the pumpkin spice latte is a great thing. It’s a great thing for the businesses selling it and it’s good for the consumer who wants it. Like I said before, me being a coffee guy, this is great news and I am excited to see it on the shelves soon.

All I’m saying is any coffee is a great thing and there shouldn’t be any debate over whether the pumpkin spice latte should have been released early.

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