How Do You Earn Your Extra Bucks?

BY Nikki Ziner

Staff Reporter

It’s a Monday afternoon. You’ve had classes all day and maybe an athletic practice or extra-curricular meeting on top of that. Do you rush to your work shift in an hour, or do you go home and begin working on your never-ending homework assignments?

For sophomore Regan Lynch, her school days seem never-ending.

“On a typical day, I go from back-to-back block classes, to being a nanny for a family in Westport. I then go straight from nannying to my extracurricular meetings,” said Lynch.

However, freshman John Zevzavadijan, wanted to adjust to his first year at Sacred Heart before finding a job.

“It has definitely been a hard adjustment,” said Zevzavadijan. “First, you come to college and have to do this whole transition. Then to balance a job, extra-curricular activities, and all of the work load from classes seems impossible.”

Many students find that the best way to earn extra money is by having work study jobs on campus. The bi-weekly pay helps students pay for their books, rent, or shopping sprees to the mall.

Sophomore Shayna Finocchiaro earns her paycheck working on campus.

“I work in Human Resources for SHU. I help with filing, copying, and work with confidential documents. The tasks I learn through my work study look great on my resume because it allows me to have an extreme eye for detail and a reputation of a trustworthy employee,” said Finocchiaro.

For some students, their paycheck comes out of scholarships or grants that they get through their financial aid package, or sports scholarships.

“As a Division I athlete on the football team, my scholarship pays for everything except room and board. Being a Residence Success Assistant allows me to basically go to school for free,” said sophomore Don Rappoccio.

As a tour guide for the university, sophomore Emilie Duckworth enjoys her job because of the happiness it brings her.

“For me, it never feels like working. I get to show perspective students my home away from home and that feeling is priceless,” said Duckworth.

For many students, looking for a job comes with many factors. One of the most common factors is how they will get to their job.

“The best part about being an RA is that I live and work in the same building. I like assisting the freshman in their transition and everything that the job entails. Many of my residents are great kids and I always look forward to seeing them every day,” said Rappoccio.

“Working on campus is extremely convenient, it saves me money on gas as well as time. I can now walk from my dorm and not have to worry about traffic,” said Finocchiaro.

For others, students work throughout summer and winter break where they can have easier transportation and more time to earn their extra money.

“I hope to get internship over the summer, and then possibly a job next year, as my funds seem to be going down the drain,” said Zevzavadijan.

“I will definitely miss the kids I babysit for when I go home over the summer,” said Lynch. “At the end of the day, I think all college students need the little bit of extra cash. It is better knowing that you do not have to worry about your card declining everywhere you go. Working in college is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

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