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Retro trends and fashion styles from past decades have become popular again for some students. These include bell-bottom jeans, mom jeans, jean jackets, turtlenecks, chokers, scrunchies and others. How have these trends resurfaced in today’s culture?

“People get bored of what’s current or they want more creative styles, so they look to past decades for inspiration, and right now, the ‘retro era’ is an era that resonated with our generation,” said sophomore Becky Cyr.  “It’s not even like I’m wearing what’s retro anymore, it’s just what’s in.”

Many students on Sacred Heart University’s campus say they approve of these retro trends making a comeback.

“I’ve always wanted to live in the 80’s and 90’s, so I think it’s cool that trends are making its way back into our society,” said sophomore Morgan Luciani.

“I’m happy that some of these older trends are coming back. I think it is interesting. I am definitely a fan of it because I get bored of today’s styles,” said sophomore Tara Lennon.

Walking around Sacred Heart’s campus, you will see students participating in the current trends.

For example, Cyr said, “I like the whole vintage jean vibe.  My mom used to wear Wranglers and she thinks it’s hilarious that I wear them today.”

Sophomore Daniel Rodriguez said, “My style is 80’s influenced, so I am not surprised that trends like that are coming back. I like a lot of the trends.”

“I think one of my favorite retro trends coming back into style would have to be turtlenecks and bell bottom jeans, not necessarily together,” said sophomore Ellen Micallef.

As for jeans, Lennon said, “I definitely think my favorite is boot cut or extra-flared jeans because I didn’t think those were going to come back in style.”

Vintage style fashion is also making a comeback. This term refers to something carrying certain nostalgic value.

“I’m not surprised because our generation is very forward-thinking, like we aren’t afraid to try new things and if the style works then it sticks,” said sophomore Claire Leville.

Sophomore Matthew Block said that he thinks these retro styles are bringing back culture and simplicity.

“We have trends and then they go out of style and then come back into style with a relevant twist on what used to be popular in past decades,” said Micallef.

As many students have accepted the retro styles making a comeback, some do not approve of them.

Leville said that she was not personally participating in the trends besides wearing scrunchies.

She said, “I don’t want to have to buy new clothes to fit in.”

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