Is Valentine’s Day overrated?

BY: Nikki Ziner

Staff Reporter

Does Valentine’s Day give you butterflies in your stomach or do you think cupid is stupid? For junior, Courtney Charbonneau, she thinks that the holiday is overrated.

“Why do you need a day to show your significant other you love them,” said Charbonneau.

Junior Nicole Amalfitano believes that Valentine’s Day is a waste of money, especially when you are a college student.

“My boyfriend and I agreed on not doing gifts this year because we just stuck with the simple candy and a card instead of spending funds we both don’t have,” said Amalfitano.

Many students look at more of the sentimental gifts rather than the expensive ones due to their lack of funds from being a college student.

Junior Dylan Molster believes that the accessories associated with the holiday are getting too expensive.

“I don’t mind Valentine’s Day, I’m pretty neutral with it. I personally don’t have to spend money on it but if people want to waste their money on boxes of chocolates and overpriced flowers that will die in a few days, then let them be them,” said Molster. “As a college student, I try and prioritize my spendings on longer lasting items such as rent, utilities, or a new phone, not gifts that won’t matter in a week.”

Junior Erin Constantino referred back to what she has learned from being a marketing major.

“I do think Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated, but as a marketing major, I’ve seen how people have turned this holiday into a must-have money driven holiday,” said Constantino.

On the contrary, Senior Dani Karpiej, looks at the holiday as an excuse to go out to dinner. “I definitely do not celebrate Valentine’s Day seriously, but I do like how it is an excuse to go out to eat and spend quality time with your significant other,” said Karpiej.

A topic of discussion in February is often about what you will be doing on the day of love.

For Junior Emma Sanders, her Valentine’s Day celebration will be pushed back a couple of days.

“My boyfriend goes to another college in upstate New York, so we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the following weekend,” said Sanders.

“I have to work this Valentine’s Day, but I plan on hanging out with my friends and maybe going out to dinner with my boyfriend after,” said Constantino.

Many students plan on going out to eat with their significant other and then heading to their favorite places in town for dessert.

“I plan on going to dinner with my boyfriend, nothing too fancy. Then we plan on going to our favorite ice cream place, Main Street Creamery,” said Amalfitano.

For many students, the Valentine’s Day celebrations do not just end on the day of.

“I hope he surprises me with a nice dinner and then maybe some flowers after, but nothing too much. It’s hard spending money on gifts every holiday, because you always feel like there’s always something you need to buy for,” said Sanders.

A new way to spend the holiday that has been established over the past few years is called Gal-entine’s Day, when you spend the day with your best friends.

“Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with the ones you love, no matter what your relationship status is,” said Charbonneau.

“At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year. You shouldn’t have to prove your relationship status or love for one another just because it’s a holiday,” said Molster.

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