Off-Campus Dining

BY Ally Plezia

Staff Reporter

If you were to eat off-campus for a good meal, where would you go?

For many Sacred Heart students, eating off-campus is a fun way to get a change of scenery and try local restaurants in the both the Fairfield and Bridgeport areas.

“When I choose to eat off-campus, it is because my friends and I want to splurge and have a nice meal after a long week,” said senior Daniele Mascia. “Some of my favorite restaurants include Colony, Best Edibles, and Molto.”

For some students, however, eating off-campus serves as a more convenient way to get any meal at all.

“I like the food around campus, but it’s easier to grab a quick bagel at Upper Crust Bakery Cafe,” said junior Kailby Schommer. “It’s also hard to find parking normally, which is a huge factor.”

Some of the local food establishments allow students to use their SHU cards and pay with their general money.

“Most of the places in downtown Fairfield do not take SHU cards, but when I go to more of the local places like Best Edibles, Upper Crust Bakery Cafe, or Fei Ma, I definitely take advantage of using my SHU general money,” said Mascia.

In addition, some students struggle finding places to eat off-campus without having of a car.

“As a freshman, I have a hard time eating off-campus because we can’t drive,” said freshman Tyler Dymond. “We only have access to where the shuttle can take us, so I enjoy eating at Panera in the Trumbull Mall.”

For that reason, Sacred Heart students often take advantage of their ability to partner up with places like Panera to fund-raise for clubs and organizations.

“As part of the Volunteer Programs and Service Learning office, we fund-raise at Panera in hopes of earning some donations for our mission trips,” said junior Brendan Benitez. “Being that the trips can get a little expensive, it’s cool to see how many people would take the opportunity to get away from the school food for a little while and buy a meal for a good cause.”

“Not only does it give students an affordable night off-campus, but it raises money for upcoming events that are important to us,” said Benitez.

For junior Victoria Bilotta, off-campus dining can be a fun alternative for special occasions.

“My friends and I tend to eat off-campus when we celebrate birthdays,” said Bilotta. “It’s fun to be able to celebrate at local restaurants instead of the usual 63’s or Linda’s.”

For many students, eating off-campus is a way to take a break from the usual on-campus dining options, and a way of getting off-campus for a little while.

“Eating on-campus can sometimes get redundant, so it’s nice to be able to choose a different dining place and enjoy different food options around Sacred Heart,” said junior Joey Zacchia. “It’s a fun way to try some new foods and take a quick study break.”

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