Perspectives on Dating Apps

BY Ally Plezia

Staff Reporter

Would students rather form new relationships in person or over the screen of their cell phone? For some students, dating apps have become a popular platform for meeting new people.

“As an experienced veteran of Tinder, I can conclude that dating apps can be very effective in creating relationships, especially in the college environment,” said freshman Connor Rossi. “I feel that dating apps are actually best suited for college, as most students are a short walk away from meeting up with a match.”

“The ‘hookup culture’ of college also makes dating apps very effective,” said Rossi. “Furthermore, those who have a tough time making friends can easily start conversations online and make friends there.”

In addition, some students think that dating apps are becoming a new trend at Sacred Heart University.

“I think dating apps have become popular at SHU,” said sophomore Ashley O’Connor. “I think it’s because they have become a really big part of society and even more popular because social media is such a big part of our daily lives.”

However, sophomore Jessica Delgrosso thinks that dating apps aren’t necessary when trying to find your perfect match.

“Personally, I don’t believe in dating apps,” said Delgrosso. “I don’t think you need an app to meet people that would spark an interest in dating.”

“Yes, for some people it may be good and fun for them, but I think that I can meet people without it,” said Delgrosso. “With the right place and timing, you can meet someone.”

Also, some students believe that dating apps can be dangerous when meeting people over a screen of a cellphone or computer.

“Personally, I think dating apps can be a bit bizarre,” said senior Katie Potter. Being that two people are behind a screen, you can never be sure that who you see is who you’re actually talking to. They can be helpful in ways I’m sure, but talking to a stranger online and meeting up can sort of be dangerous.”

For senior Ryan Roberts, dating apps don’t seem to be the most honest way of getting to know someone.

“Personally, I have never used any of the commonly known dating apps but I understand why people find them appealing,” said Roberts. They can be a great way of meeting people who share common interests and you can really narrow down exactly what you are looking for.”

Some common dating apps that students use are Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. These apps allow people to find for a match over a screen.

“However, I have never used any of them because I feel like people tend to lie on these apps and that can lead to a very awkward situation when you actually meet the person,” said Roberts.

Among society, dating apps have become a virtual resource in connecting with people nearby, but for senior Jill Wroth, connecting with people is more authentic when meeting them in person.

“Dating apps were never my thing,” said Wroth. “I have always believed in the old-fashioned way of meeting someone and just letting things fall into place. However, I can see how people might use today’s technology in their advantage and meet people through social media.”

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