The Battle of the Boroughs

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

Pretty pumped about this week’s He Said. So far we’ve had topics that are all very personal to me, which makes them fun to write about.

This week is another topic that is close to my heart: Staten Island versus Queens.

The reason for this topic is because Kelsey over here is from Queens and well, obviously I’m from Staten Island.

Now everyone knows that New York is the best state. We have the best food, the best bars, best everything.

What some people outside of New York might not know is that there has always been a civil war within boroughs as to who has the best, in the best state.

Really, I should just be saying New York City because any part of New York that’s not part of the city might as well be Canada.    

To be honest there’s really not much that I know about Queens, which really says a lot about what goes on there.

If you don’t know much about Staten Island, I will be happy to sit down with you and tell you why it’s the best place on Earth.

The borough has had some big accomplishments in the past, one of them being a good site for movies.

Although we are never credited, the movie “Salt” that starred Angelina Jolie was partially filmed on Staten Island.

The Netflix show “Staten Island Summer” was filmed on Staten Island. Yes, there was actually a movie about Staten Island. You can’t beat that.

The most popular movie filmed on Staten Island has to be “School of Rock.” The film took advantage of Wagner College and our St. George Theatre.    

Honestly the biggest accomplishment that Staten Island has to this day, besides me, is the hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. The Wu-Tang Clan was so big that they pretty much renamed the island Shaolin.

There are also many other reasons why Staten Island is so fantastic.

In March of 1874, a woman by the name of Mary Ewing Outerbridge moves to Staten Island from Bermuda and she brings over something that’s pretty sweet.

Tennis…that’s right, a woman who lived in Staten Island was responsible for bringing tennis to all of North America.

Another sweet thing about Staten Island is that we had a team that was in the NFL.  In 1929 the Staten Island Staples were one of six teams that consisted in the NFL and were eventually dissolved when the NFL merged with the AFL.

Although they were dissolved, Staten Island absolutely has hand in shaping the NFL.

Some people might try and bash Staten Island by saying we had a large dump on the island.

First of all, if you live in New York City…you’re welcome.

It is estimated that we held 2 billion tons of the city’s trash. You know what? The dump only made us better people.

In 1993 Staten Island threatened to succeed from New York City if our demands weren’t met.

After 65% of the population voted yes, the dump was closed the Staten Island Ferry was made free and now we have some of the best parks in the city.

So, you’re welcome America.

Staten Island is amazing, case closed.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Queens, N.Y. is arguably one of the best places to live in Northeast, and in my opinion is the best borough in N.Y.

I recognize that I might be slightly biased because I grew up in Queens, but the memories I’ve made there prove the saying, “Home Sweet Home” to be true.

One of the great things about Queens is that it is so convenient to get to the other boroughs, like Manhattan or Brooklyn for example, in a timely manner.

Like most New York City natives, not having a car of your own until you’re well into your mid 20’s is not unusual.

Unless scoring a ride with a family member or friend, for me, subways and taxicabs are my way of transportation.

From Queens, if you’re looking to get to Manhattan, the E or F train can get you there in just a few short stops. For Brooklyn, hop on the F or R train.

For those who want a real adventure while on your way to Brooklyn, transfer to the 6 train to go to the Bronx.

Any sports fans out there that love baseball? Well, although I’m a forever a Yankees fan, if I’m dying to watch a sports game, Mets City Field is always a fun time and a close destination.

During the spring and summer season the beach is always a go-to for everyone. Rockaway beach has some pretty nice waves to ride. It is a great way to cool off on those blazing hot days and offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Another great thing that I love about Queens is that it is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the entire northeast. Growing up in a town called Forest Hills, I was surrounded by so much diversity.

Although, my town in particular is predominately Irish and Jewish, the city is filled with many ethnic communities.

The town north of Forest Hills is Corona and is mostly populated by Hispanic families. I used to go there for all of the amazing rhythmic music and good food.

On the east side surrounding my neighborhood is Jamaica. Mostly established as an African American town, it’s also the area where I spent most of my high school years.

Right in between the towns of Corona and Jamaica is the heavily populated Asian community, Flushing. West of Corona and Flushing is the mostly Italian based community, Middle Village.

Many could say that Queens is a made up of small suburban communities within a big city. Many non-New Yorkers say that Queens is just another part of the city however, it is so much more than that.

To me, Queens is made up of close knit and connected suburban communities within a big city. Whether you’re from College Point or Kew Gardens, to Maspeth or Howard Beach you will always know someone related to someone that knows someone else on the other side of Queens.

From large city apartment buildings to family houses along the beach, living in Queens is unlike anywhere else in the northeast area.

Whether you have a preference as to what NY borough you like best, I hope you live your NY experience in style and to the fullest.         

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