Presidential Cabinet and Administration Picks

President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Photo by AP.
President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Photo by AP.

By Jessica Chaloux

Managing Editor

Following Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, his nominees for his Cabinet and administration have been awaiting approval from the senate. Trump had completed his list of picks before taking office and the process of hearings have been continuing to take place.

Trump later nominated Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, who currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Sacred Heart, for administer for the Small Business Bureau in December.

“Essentially what Donald Trump did was he searched for someone with business experience to head up this very important department and who had vast familiarity with stimulating small businesses and really understood the challenges that are facing the small businesses in today’s economy,” said Dr. Gary Rose, professor and chair of the Department of Government, Politics, and Global Studies. “Linda McMahon certainly fit that bill perfectly given her tremendous experience with WWE and all she’s done to develop that enterprise. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Linda was on that short list and rose to the top of the list as the nominee.”

Sacred Heart students have been keeping up with many of the nominees and their qualifications for holding these important positions.

“I believe that Linda McMahon being elected to the Small Business Bureau by the Trump Administration is one of their better choices. She has a solid history of charitable work, politically educating America’s youth and a partnership with the Special
Olympics,” said junior Isabel Rodriguez.

Although McMahon is seen as a positive choice, there are some worries behind her nomination.

“As with all of those elected by Trump’s Administration I am severely worried about the influence of her fortune.  With a personal net worth of at least half a billion it has been a long time since she has been a small business struggling to succeed.  The distance between her and the working poor, lower, and middle class is that worries me the most,” said Rodriguez.

Another position that has connection to the Sacred Heart community is Elaine Chao who has been elected as Transportation Secretary. She was featured in McMahon’s “Women Can Have It All” lecture series in the spring of 2016.

Students attended the lecture and raised opinion of her nomination and correlation with the university.

“I do hope that whatever her endeavors are, they’re beneficial to our nation. I know she has a report of doing outstanding work in her field so I only expect the best to come from her expertise I think it’s insightful to experience and learn from professionals with such influence in our government because that’s how that’s how we become future leaders in our community,at least that’s what I took from her visit,” said senior Christian Carter.

Another position that students voiced their opinions about is the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary.

“I think it’s time to try something new. I like the idea of school choice, which is something that DeVos is pushing for. I think it will ultimately help kids in more urban areas reach the education they deserve,” said senior Gwen Mileti.

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