She Said: French Montana – Unreliable and Pretty Forgettable

By Giovanna Gatto

Managing Editor – Editorial

On March 23, 2018 French Montana devastated the Sacred Heart student body. Well, most of them, because I wasn’t entirely too upset with the situation.

Prior to the annual spring concert, my enthusiasm regarding the event was low. My taste in music doesn’t align with the stylings of French Montana, however, my friends were confident that our LAST spring concert would be one to remember.

I can confirm it is one that I will remember, only for the wrong reasons. I did not call myself a fan of Mr. Montana’s tunes and after he ghosted our campus, I most certainly will block him from my Spotify playlists.

That being said, I’m really not upset with the situation but I most certainly wish that my last spring concert… well, actually happened.   

While, I would have loved some classy singer-songwriter tunes to roll out my last spring concert, I was ready for a night where all of Sacred Heart came together and crowed in the William H. Pitt Center.

Now, the deed is done; French Montana didn’t show up and Sacred Heart made sure he knew that by flooding his Instagram with some… interesting comments.

That being said, I don’t truly believe in giving someone a taste of their own medicine, but I do think he lost a lot of fans that night. Now, I clearly was not one of them, but I would say his image is tainted in my eyes. While the life of a celebrity may not be a walk in the park, all he needed to do was actually show up.

During my time at Sacred Heart, I only attended one concert, which was Fetty Wap my sophomore year.

While many students felt that he did not perform for a comparable amount of time, I was satisfied with the experience.

Now that I look back on my time, I am truly grateful for the 1738 legend that rocked the stage.

Apparently, it is difficult to actually attend an event that you are being PAID to come to, so congratulations Mr. Wap on completing a truly challenging task.

Buried in French Montana’s incredible Instagram comments from angry Sacred Heart students were some allegations that Josh Peck was our true spring concert.

This is a fact that I can stand with. Seeing Josh Peck was a childhood dream of mine, and that fulfillment lessened the burn that French Montana left on March 23.

I would like address a graphic that was published in The Spectrum after the release that Josh Peck and French Montana were coming to campus (so we thought). The graphic was French Montana and Josh Peck pretending to box and due to a forfeit, the winner is Josh Peck. Peck not only brought a great show but he also showed up! It was a true miracle.

As I come to a close with my spring concert rank, I would like to expose Mr. Montana for who he really is: Karim Kharbouch.

That is correct- French Montana is not his real name! So if any reader happens to bump into Mr. Kharbouch in the near future, please feel free to hand him a copy of the Spectrum and let him know that some students may want to speak with him. Don’t worry, he probably won’t show up.

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