Still Searching For an Internship?

BY Nikki Ziner

Staff Reporter

Are you still on the hunt for an internship this summer? Whether you are looking forward to summer on the beach or summer in a cubical, are you prepared for the work load ahead? Sophomore Bridget Joyce wishes that the school helped students who do not live in nearby areas find summer internships.

“I am from Massachusetts, so it is harder to find an internship through the school since I am so far from home. I feel that the opportunities are lessened for those who do not live in Connecticut or New York,” said Joyce.

Another Massachusetts resident, junior Erin Constantino, went to the Center of Career and Professional Development for an extra hand in the challenging process.

“I knew that finding a summer internship was harder for me because I live in Massachusetts but I worked hard with my advisors to be able to find one during the school year,” said Constantino. “As of right now, I have a sales and marketing internship at the Webster Bank Arena for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. This experience is great because the arena is close by and I still get to work for a minor league team which puts me one step closer to the NHL.”

Sophomore Tom Lawless finds that the school gives students the structure that they need. “As a social work major, you have to complete 200 hours of an internship your junior year, and then another 400 hours at a different internship your senior year,” said Lawless. “So, by the time I complete my Bachelors in Social Work, I will have completed two different internships.”

Students like Joyce are still hoping that they can find more help in the future semesters. “I am hopeful that since I am only a sophomore, that by next year more internship opportunities will be available to me through the school,” said Joyce.

Another reason why students have trouble finding internships is the stress of the application and searching process.

“As a second semester sophomore, I currently find myself so overwhelmed with extra-curriculars right now that an internship has not even crossed my mind. Thinking about applying for endless amounts of internships makes me go crazy,” said sophomore Ava Prospero. For many students balancing the process of finding an internship and keeping up with their school, the work load can be stressful at times.

“At first, I was paranoid and putting aside going to career development to ask for help, but once I did I wished I went sooner,” said junior Meghan Tansey.

“I have mixed feelings about the internship process at Sacred Heart. I think the resources are definitely out there but you have to go find them yourself,” said Prospero.

Sacred Heart students often take advantage when the school has representatives from businesses come in for internship fairs or information sessions.

“Without the help of the Center for Career and Professional Development I would not have been able to make the professional connections I have now,” said Tansey.

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