Students & Style: What’s the Right Fit?

By Max Mazurczak

Staff Reporter

While at college, you see students with all different kinds of styles and clothing choices. But what makes them decide what they wear on a daily basis?

“I wear what I wear to class each day for comfort, not style,” said sophomore Joe McCormack. “In my opinion, I would rather be comfortable going to class than not [be] comfortable due to wearing clothes for style.

“I don’t really see why some people put in so much effort to get dressed up for class,” said McCormack. “But there will be times when you attend an event/function of some sort and you are going to be required to wear something more presentable.”

What are some of the popular brands that most people like to wear? According to, the top five clothing brands for young adults are 1. Nike, 2. Target, 3. Jordan, 4. Adidas, and 5. Macys. Nike holds 62% of the shoe market, which makes sense with Nike being the number one brand and then Jordan (which Nike owns) being number three.

“I do dress for comfort sometimes, but a majority of the time I will be putting in the effort to look somewhat presentable for class,” said junior Alex Kroudis. “Sure, it’s nice to wear sweatpants/leggings to class sometimes, but when I do put in the effort to look presentable for class and [take the] time to pick out my outfit, it just makes me feel more motivated.”

“I do understand why some students dress for comfort rather than putting in the effort to look nice/presentable,” said junior Justin Connaughton. “I choose to put in a little bit of effort into deciding what to wear for that day; you just never know [who] you could meet going about your daily routine.”

According to, some of the colleges with the best style are University of Chicago, Harvard University, University of Colorado Boulder, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Georgia.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are some days where I don’t feel like taking the time to pick out a good outfit for the day and just end up putting on sweatpants and a sweatshirt,” said Connaughton.

“I feel that everyone in college has their own particular [style] of what they like to wear on an everyday basis, and that students should have their own way of dressing everyday,” said junior Sam LaPare. “There are also times where I’ll wear specific clothes for specific reasons, which is usually really fun.”

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