The Best Pizza is…?

Student enjoying a slice of pizza from Mario the Baker. Photo by Alessandra Setaro/Spectrum.
Student enjoying a slice of pizza from Mario the Baker. Photo by Alessandra Setaro/Spectrum.

By Kelsey Hor

Staff Reporter

Do you know where the best pizzerias are in Connecticut? Well the Nutmeg state is actually ranked to have one of the best pizza pies around.

According to CBS New York, the big apple state is normally known for its pizza all over the country. However, sources like NBC Connecticut claim that the best pizza in the country is right in the state that is home to the Sacred Heart University community.

For some Sacred Heart students, Conn. has some of the best pizza places compared to any other states.

“I am from New Haven and I think it has the best pizza in the world,” said junior James Taubl. “I’ve had pizza in Chicago, Long Island and New York City and none of them are as good as New Haven pizza. My favorite place is York Side Pizza in New Haven. It is thin pizza with a very crispy crust. They cook it so that the outer rim is crusty but the inside is soft and manageable.”

In a recent article by NBC Connecticut, they stated that Conn. has five out of the 101 best pizza hotspots in the country. It was also mentioned that three out of the five were in New Haven. Alforno Pizza, Modern Apizza, Sally’s Apizza and Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria are only a few names that made it on the best 101 pizzerias in the country from Conn.

Other students and faculty seem to also like the style of thin crust pizza as opposed to thick crust.

“I personally like Colony Pizza because of their thin crust,” said junior Mackenzie Page. “Colony also has different types of pizza for certain people. Their hot oil pizza is awesome for people who like spice, while vegetarians can enjoy their very own salad pizza.”

However, getting good pizza does not need to be a thirty minute drive. Some students believe pizza is just fine right in Fairfield.

“One place that I used to go to before I went dairy-free about a year ago is Sally’s Apizza in New Haven, “ said junior Laurel Mason. “I used to go there as a kid all the time. Many times when I went to that particular place it would remind me of such things like my family and childhood.”

Although many different sources in the media recall Conn. as the state for having the best pizza, certain students still believe that other surrounding states have much tastier pizza options.

“I’m from Fairfield, Conn. and I still think that New York has the best pizza,” said junior Danielle Perez. “There is a place I especially love to go to called Villa Barone in the Bronx. Just one slice alone will satisfy you.”

Overall a number of Sacred Heart students can agree that one’s favorite pizza place is based on those individuals tastes.

“I feel like every state is going to say their pizza is the best because pizza is such a popular food,” said Page. “I feel like as long as it is fresh and to the individuals personal preferred taste, it should be ready to be eat and enjoy.”

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