New Update, Who This?

The latest Apple operating system, iOS 14, is a free update that was released to the public on Sept. 16 for all iPhones following the iPhone 6.

According to Apple, “iOS 14 reimagines the iPhone experience, delivering a major update to the Home Screen with beautifully redesigned widgets and the App Library, new ways to use apps with App Clips, and powerful updates to Message.”

Customization has been popular on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where users share videos and images of their stylized home screens.

“TikTok introduced me to the update. A bunch of people were making videos showing the different designs and widgets they added to their home screens. It became a trend to see who could make the most aesthetic screen,” said junior Christina Alaio. 

According to a Bustle article published on Sept. 22, “Over the weekend, [TikTok] videos with the hashtag #ios14homescreen raked in over 130 million views.” 

Students who have upgraded have not only found customization to be aesthetically pleasing, but also useful for organization and productivity.

“My favorite features are the widgets. I have the clock, reminder, and weather ones on my home screen. I can see whether it’s raining that day without opening the app or check if I have an assignment since it’s right there,” said junior Joshua Proctor. 

Although widgets can be useful, personalizing them may be time-consuming for some. 

“I have customized my home screen. However, I have not put in as much effort as others have. I have seen some people customizing their app icons, but I do not have the time or patience to customize my own, but rather, I have organized all my apps by color,” said Alaio.

However, the iOS 14 update offers other new features that do not require any additional effort. 

“I really like that when FaceTiming, you can toggle between apps and the other person can still fully see your face. Being able to pin messages is also helpful when you’re someone like me who keeps nearly all of your messages and don’t want to scroll through every single one to find a specific person,” said senior Tyana O’Neal.

With the iOS 14 update being recently released, some students have encountered issues. 

“During the earlier stages of the update, a few calls randomly failed, and apps would crash,” said sophomore Sophia DeAngelis.

Some have chosen to postpone their update because of these errors.

“I have not updated my phone yet. I usually wait until a few months after and let all the glitches and such get fixed before downloading it immediately,” said senior Tom Lawless. 

On Sept. 24, Apple released the iOS 14.0.1 to fix bugs in the original iOS 14, but it was not well-received by some.

According to Forbes, “Unfortunately, iOS 14.0.1 appears to be a rushed release and a step backwards. A number of upgraders are reporting that the fixes are ineffective and I’m noticing an uptick in problems reported across social media.”

Despite this, students like DeAngelis are still enjoying the update.

“Through being able to customize the home screen interface, I have been able to use it in a more productive, organized, and efficient manner,” said DeAngelis. “With the ease this new update provides, I feel it really encourages users to learn more about the phone and become more technologically savvy.”

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