Ashley Prim Hired as Coordinator of Basketball Operations

BY Mikenzie Carbone

Staff Writer

Over the summer, Ashley Prim was hired as the Coordinator of Basketball Operations for the Sacred Heart University Women’s Basketball team. She transitioned from a Division I athlete at St. Joseph’s University, to playing overseas in five countries, to her current position of joining the Pioneers’ staff for the 2019-2020 season.

Prim searched for five months for the right fit after deciding to hang up her basketball sneakers and turn to the next chapter in her career.

“I already knew once I got a job I would be done with basketball, so I was already in the mindset,” said Prim.

After hearing from a family friend that the position was open, Prim reached out to head coach of the basketball team, Jessica Mannetti, to figure out if the rumor was true.

Mannetti assured Prim that the position was open for applications. Prior to applying for the job, Mannetti knew Prim was a young star athlete within Fairfield County.

“When she applied I said to her ‘you probably don’t remember me but, I remember you’,” said Mannetti.

Prim was hired two weeks before the team’s summer league began. Mannetti was immediately impressed by her new addition. Mannetti highlighted Prim’s proactivity and investment in her job from the beginning.

While still new to the job, Prim expressed a determination to do her job the right way along with learning qualities and skills to put toward her dream job, being an assistant coach.

As coordinator of operations, Prim is responsible for the unseen actions. Mannetti added that Prim’s job is to be the glue of the team. Prim’s duties include scheduling the team’s travel plans, creating itineraries for when the team travels, managing all the managers in practice, along with being put in charge of the team’s video, and the athlete’s academic life.

“Lots of prioritizing, making lists, lots of emails and multitasking,” said Prim.

After a collegiate and professional career in basketball, Prim’s job does not require any on court teaching, which she claims is the toughest part about her job. Although she is not allowed to do any on court coaching, she is in every practice meeting to learn about a coach’s approach.

“As far everything else, I make sure I do my job so no one else has to worry,” said Prim.

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