Women’s Basketball Season Wrap Up

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines constantly changing, the Sacred Heart women’s basketball team did not know what their season would entail.

Head coach Jessica Mannetti was appreciative of what this team had to sacrifice in order for the season to be completed.

“We have to praise the players, coaching staff, athletic training department, and athletics department for getting us through a challenging environment,” said Mannetti.

The team ended the season with an 8-10 regular season record and a conference record of 8-8. The team fell short of making it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament.

“The players are resilient and it shows how adaptable they all are. They knew that they could only control themselves,” said Mannetti. “This resulted in a great response and always being positive. This team made a lot of sacrifices this season.”

Seniors Jayla Davis and Olivia Dabney agreed that this season was different from the others due to COVID-19.

“This season was different, however, it was good. As a senior, I have seen and done it all,” said senior guard and forward Dabney. “This was definitely different from everything because everyone was experiencing this for the first time.”

Davis mentioned there were ups and downs throughout the season that occurred.

“This was different because we knew that we were never guaranteed a game. Everything was up in the air at times,” said Davis.

From Jan. 15 to Feb. 14 the team had a five game winning streak despite a slow start in the beginning of the season.

During the season, the team became closer. Dabney recalls a highlight last year that summed up her feelings toward this team.

“We got sent home from Robert Morris because of COVID-19 and our team came together. We finished shootaround even though we were getting sent home,” said Dabney. “That moment with this team showed how much we loved each other and loved playing for each other.”

With this season coming to an end, Mannetti is looking forward to next season.

“We are bringing in new players and bringing back players who were injured which is good for us, in order to increase our depth,” said Mannetti. “Falling short this year will keep us hungry for next year and motivate us.”

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