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There are 10 different places to eat, such as Linda’s and JP’s. The dining halls on campus offer different dining experiences to meet students’ needs, such as buffet style, to-go and sit-down dining.

Sept. 6 marked the grand opening of Pio’s Kitchen, a new dining hall at West Campus. The new dining option has been beneficial to students who attend classes there, such as junior Sara Collier.

“I’m so relieved there’s a new eating place in the West,” said Collier. “I’m a nursing major so I’m there most hours of the day and usually have to bring a packed lunch, so Pio’s Kitchen has been amazing.”

Pio’s Kitchen offers a variety of different foods, including pasta, sandwiches, salads, burgers and more. There are different stations students can go to for their choice of meal and there is even a station to customize coffee drinks.

Some students prefer the self-serve options that Sacred Heart has to offer, such as sophomore Aina Garriga, who is on the women’s tennis team.

“I’d have to say 63’s would be my go-to as I’ve always built up an appetite after a long day of classes, tennis and gym,” said Garriga. “It is perfect as I can eat as much as I please.”

This buffet-type cafeteria is said to be popular for its easy service and the option to eat as much as a student could want for only one meal swipe.

“I enjoy 63’s the most as there are so many options and I never get sick of their food,” said junior Kate Starastenka.

63’s is located in the middle of the Main Academic Building, where many classes are held. It offers students every kind of food ranging from salads to pizzas to fruits.

Some students on campus would like to see the dining system at Sacred Heart expanded to include more smaller food stations around campus for easier access to food.

“There are a few fueling stations around SHU, but I would make more small food stations that have snacks for athletes throughout the day, as we are always on the move and need energy with our busy schedules,” said junior Margot Rouquette, who is on the women’s golf team.

Other students are excited about JP’s, the serviced diner on Main Campus. It is a favorite of many students on campus and the “ultimate favorite” of junior Tristian Saldahna.

“JP’s hands-down is my favorite food,” said Saldahna.

JP’s offers freshly served breakfast, lunch and dinner and is also unique for its milkshakes.

The variety of foods is a big part of students’ positive attitudes toward Sacred Heart dining. Many places on campus, such as Linda’s, also account for dietary restrictions and include vegetarian and vegan options. There is also dining on both campuses, so now dining is easier than ever for students.

“I am really excited about all of the different places to eat on campus,” said sophomore Julia Prackup, who recently transferred to Sacred Heart. “There are so many options and it’s hard to be anywhere on campus that is far from a place to refuel. I love it!”

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