End of the Year Check-In

Sacred Heart’s spring academic schedule began on Jan. 18 and is now quickly coming to an end on May 2. Returning from Easter break, there are only two weeks left of classes followed by graduation and final exams.

“My classes are definitely getting a little more stressful with finals around the corner, but I am hoping to finish strong,” said sophomore Alanna Wunsch.

Many students said that the semester included a lot of activities and clubs to keep students busy.

“Extracurriculars have heavily occupied my semester, but I am happy to have had an eventful second half of my junior year,” said junior Carissa Munoz.

Other students said their semester flew by, especially seniors who are graduating.

“As a senior, I find the end of the semester to be really bittersweet. I definitely feel it’s time to move on; and as soon as my coursework is all finished and submitted, I think I’ll be excited to graduate,” said senior Sydney Duval.

According to students, there have been some significant events that made their semester enjoyable.

“For me personally, the highlight of my semester was Greek Week. I had so much fun participating in Greek Sing, and I loved going to other events to see my sorority sisters and friends in other sororities,” said junior Tara Matthies.

As for some students, there were some low parts of the semester.

“I have had a few challenging courses this semester, so they have been a little tough to get through,” said Wunsch.

Looking ahead to next semester, Student Planning and Advising is a system where students can register for classes. The website has various sections that allow a student to choose classes, view their grades, look at their progress with credits and apply for graduation.

“I did get the classes I wanted for next semester. I have a lot of block classes, but I’m glad they are all in person,” said Munoz.

The low COVID cases have allowed for a more sense of normalcy within SHU’s campus.

“I felt much more safe this semester and since the virus has calmed down, it has allowed the school to have more events that I have missed in the past years,” said Matthais.

Others reflect on positive additions that this semester has allowed.

“As someone who started school here in the fall of 2018, I remember what normal looked like. It’s been really exciting to see things like Senior Week, ‘Dead’s’ at Red’s pub and even the soft serve machine at 63s come back to campus for people to enjoy,” said Duval.

Some seniors look forward to the end of the year festivities as well.

“As a senior, something that I have been excited for as a way to close out the semester is Senior Week. It’s exciting that we are the first class to participate since 2019. I think it’ll be a good way to make more memories with my friends here before graduation,” said senior Kristine Udahl.

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