How Do You Spend Thanksgiving?

“Being from Australia, I have had to get used to not seeing my family around this time of year,” said sophomore Angus Henricks. “Even though I have been able to find ways to have fun with others these past couple of years, I still miss being able to be around my family, especially when others are getting the chance to.”

Being a foreign undergraduate student at Sacred Heart University like Henricks is a prime example of how the holiday season may look different for everyone. Every student has their own unique tradition for Thanksgiving, like freshman Ryan Jaipaul. Jaipaul is looking forward to being back home with family in his hometown of Queens, N.Y.

“This Thanksgiving, I will be having fun with my family in Queens by laughing with them and sharing my experiences from my freshman year so far,” Jaipaul said. “I look forward to eating plenty of turkey and stuffing as well. I’m expecting at least two plates.”

Some students at SHU spend their Thanksgiving outside of the comforts of their own homes. Even without being home, students like sophmore Kenzie Mullahey find ways to celebrate the holiday with family.

“Usually, my family and I go to a diner for Thanksgiving,” said Mullahey, “I know it sounds a little sad, but I’ve loved doing it these past years, especially now that my family is all the way in Florida, and I go to school in Connecticut. The best part is eating a bunch of cookies that my grandma makes.”

Simplicity plays a factor for certain students when it comes to their traditions. Sophomore Ben Shea enjoys spending Thanksgiving with his immediate family instead of a large gathering.

“After a lot of my family moved from here in Connecticut to live in places like Texas and Florida, I’ve learned to just have a day with my parents and siblings and enjoy my time with them,” said Shea. “It helped me to really cherish family time and not feel the need to be around so many people just to have fun.”

For many students, Thanksgiving is a time for family, but for some, it means eating their family’s traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“My favorite foods to eat every year are sweet potatoes and stuffing,” said junior Justin Infante. “When I go to Long Island to see my cousins and family friends, those are the foods we usually go for first.”

Although Thanksgiving is a big holiday for cherishing the people in your life, not everybody gets to have that kind of holiday. That’s why freshman Grace Miller uses her holiday to give back to those who may be celebrating a different kind of Thanksgiving.

“When I work on the turkey truck, I feel amazing making people feel good, especially on a holiday like Thanksgiving,” said Miller. “It is what the holiday is all about, which is giving thanks and appreciating everything that we have and what we are able to have.”

Alejandro Ramos and Jordan Greene contributed to this article

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