Kanye West Releases New Album and Film

BY Daniel Wood

Staff Reporter

On Oct. 25, Kanye West released a new album.

West’s album has been met with mixed reviews, as this album is different from his previous work due to its gospel style and religious themes.

“I think it’s pretty good, which at this point in Kanye’s career is the best we are going to get,” said Sacred Heart University Professor and reporter for WSHU Jerald Dunavin.

West’s new album is called “Jesus is King” and features a gospel choir, Ty Dolla Sign, Kenny G and Ant Clemons.

“I love the lyrical content. I like that he is singing about hopeful things as opposed to some of his past work, which I think has been dark and bleak,” said Dunavin.

The album was supposed to be released on Oct. 24, but West missed the deadline and released the album the next day.

This album explores a religious aspect from when West started showing his religious-inspired performances to the public at Coachella.

West also released an IMAX movie that was only open for the week of the album release.

“The film is divided into sections by six bible verse citations. It showcases the light-filled interior of Turrell’s creation as West and his choir perform Gospel standards and modified versions of his songs,” said Ryan Pearson in an article for AP news. James Turrell is an artist specializing in manipulations of light and space, whose work is featured in the film.

West has released movies before, such as a half-hour short film for his song “Runaway,” which was released in 2010. “Runaway” was featured on West’s fifth album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

West has released 11 albums over his career, starting with 2004’s “The College Dropout.”

The album has 21 songs and features Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Jay Z and many others.

“I kind of like this new album more than the old stuff, because it shows rap can be about anything,” said sophomore Tim Seamen.

West’s new album differs from “The College Dropout” in that he made sure there was no swearing involved.

“I think it’s pretty awesome that there’s no swearing and that it focuses on religion. I like that I can listen to this around my parents,” said Seamen.

West’s previous album,“Kids See Ghosts,” was a 2018 collaboration with Kid Cudi more in keeping with West’s older style of music. “Kids See Ghosts” has seven songs on it and also features guest artists Pusha T, Ty Dolla Sign, and jazz trumpeter/singer Louis Prima.

“I think that his new form of music he has released genuinely sends a good message about faith,” said sophomore Sarah Batho.

West has been a controversial figure in the media since his career began. In 2018, West had to apologize for saying slavery was a choice while promoting his album “Ye”.

“I also know he’s changed as a person which can be told within his music, which I find pretty interesting,” said Batho.

“Ye,” West’s ninth album, which came out days before “Kids See Ghosts,” featured some of West’s darker songs, dealing with his bipolar disorder.

West released his song “Lift Yourself” in 2018. This song was a group of women singing until Kanye came in with no actual words or rap, just him making noises to the beat.

With West’s constant changing of style, some fans are left unsure of what will come next.

“I don’t think it’s a great album, but I think it is a step in the right direction,” said Dunavin.

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