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Kelly Clarkson, the original “American Idol” winner, and coach for “The Voice,” now boasts her own daytime variety talk show.

The talk show was announced by NBC last September 2018, set to replace Steve Harvey’s talk show, which previously aired on NBC Television Networks. Harvey’s former showrunner, Alex Duda, was assigned as the show’s executive producer.

“I’ve always been a fan of Kelly Clarkson,” said junior Lindsey McCarthy. “I’m so excited to watch her new show.”

According to the program’s press release, “Kelly Clarkson uses her gift of connection to bring viewers something new: a fun, energetic show that breaks with tradition. In each episode, audiences will experience an hour full of remarkable stories, celebrity guests, spontaneous surprises, humor, heart, and of course, good music. It’s like a weekday brunch party with a fascinating guest list of people who would otherwise never meet.”

The first episode, which aired on Sept. 9, began with Clarkson covering Dolly Parton’s song, “9 to 5.”

Before the show aired, Clarkson announced that she would cover audience-requested songs as well. Clarkson has a history of doing this, as she would take fan-requested songs on her tours and open each show with those songs.

“While watching ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ I’ve become more amazed by how much she has grown into the fine woman she is today,” said sophomore Brooke Sleavensky.

Clarkson has also covered songs such as “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Think” by Aretha Franklin, and Sia’s “Chandelier.”

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” features celebrity guests in each episode. Her first was supposed to feature comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Unfortunately, Hart had to pull out after he had sustained serious back injuries in a recent car accident.

Clarkson was able to fill the spot left open by Hart with one of his close friends and co-stars, Dwayne Johnson.

Episode four of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” featured Jay Leno, who Clarkson reminded viewers is a special person in her life. Clarkson, now a judge on “American Idol,” launched her career by winning the inaugural competition in 2002.

“From American Idol to becoming one of the world’s most famous singers, to now having her own show, she never ceases to amaze me,” said Sleavensky. “I think her show is great and really refreshing, something I’d never expect from her.”

After her “American Idol” victory, Clarkson had her first interview with Leno. Since then, as they discussed on the episode, they have stayed in touch and they continue to have a close relationship.

Clarkson has had numerous guests on her show already, with a few notable names. Beside Johnson and Leno, Clarkson has hosted John Legend, Jennifer Garner, Chance the Rapper, and Ellen DeGeneres in the opening week.

Both “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and “Ellen” run on NBC’s network, as Clarkson’s show serves as a lead-in to “Ellen.”

The premiere did well in terms of numbers. Clarkson’s show scored a 1.9 household metered market rating and a 6 share in the 56 metered markets, which represents the highest debut for a new syndicated show since 2012.

Nashville was the market in which Clarkson’s show performed the strongest. Clarkson has musical roots in Nashville and currently lives there. The show scored a 5.97 household rating in that market on day 1, which climbed 7% to a 6.41 on day two.

“I think it’s great that artists get to express themselves in a way other than the main craft or gift that they share with the world,” said senior Anthony Mellow. “I hope everything goes well and that Kelly gets to share a piece of herself with a new audience.”

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