Looser Restrictions, Bigger Opportunities

With the Fall 2022 semester underway, Sacred Heart University is experiencing changes this fall semester, while still practicing safety protocols. With the help of precautions the Pioneer community created for a safe environment since the beginning of the pandemic, the student body is now able to go about their daily lives without any pressure from Covid-19.

Throughout the last couple of years, the virus has affected many in a negative fashion, limiting their freedom and creating a “new normal.”

Some upperclassmen, like senior Prithika Satish, recall what it was like going through that difficult point in time.

“Thinking back to the past years of my college experience, it hasn’t been the best four years,” said Satish. “While this is the case, though, I now understand after continuously maturing that things happen for a reason. I’m glad things are back now.”

Graduate student Tara Brody also appreciates regulations becoming more lenient.

“It puts a smile on my face that we all finally have a good environment without any stress for personal lives,” said Brody. “I felt like this past year taught all of us how to face situations through adversity. Hopefully we can all have a touch of happiness in the future.”

For the class of 2026, this can be a chance to start off their careers on a strong note after experiencing the pandemic throughout high school.

“High school for me was mainly hybrid, with last names starting with a certain letter in the alphabet going to school on certain days while others did remote learning,” said freshman Ava Srinivasan. “It feels good to go to school consistently and not wear masks.”

For the freshman class, many students are entering a new community with new protocols.

Freshman Brooke Deweese talked about what it feels like to be in a new setting with new privileges.

“Being back to normal in a new environment now in a new stage in my life feels a little weird,” Deweese said. “But at the same time, I would rather have these experiences than to go through everything again in terms of these past years with the virus.”

Sophomores Rafael Mahario and Joseph Marrone are looking to excel to new heights now with more opportunities to communicate with others.

“It’s great that we are now seeing what ‘normal’ looks like again,” said Mahario. “Having no regulations gives us students one less thing to worry about.”

Marrone agrees with Mahario that this school year will bring more opportunity and less obstacles than previous semesters in their college careers.

“Personally, I feel like I am doing better than last year already,” said Marrone. “With our community being a safe environment, I’m happy to be back.”

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