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On Oct. 23 and 24 Selena Gomez released new singles, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.”

Fans worldwide have been waiting for her comeback.

“I waited and watched the countdown until the music video was released. I literally produced tears when I first heard the song, “Lose You to Love Me,” because the lyrics were extremely vulnerable and so genuine to how her toxic relationship affected her,” said sophomore Laura LeBello.

Her last studio album, “Revival,” was released in 2015. Gomez has since been featured in the songs “Back to You” (featured in the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”)  and “I Can’t Get Enough” (written by Benny Blanco).

“I’m glad she’s back. I get why she made the songs about finding herself. I think its inspirational,” said freshman Kaylee Velez.

Gomez has also made several film and television appearances. She starred in the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place,” as well as the movies “Another Cinderella Story” and “Spring Breakers.”

Some students have remained fans of Gomez since the start of her career.

“She has been one of my favorite artists for as long as I can remember, and I definitely looked up to her throughout my childhood,” said LaBello.

Students have found a deeper message in both songs, as well as in the music videos paired with the singles.

“The videos for both of them both help put a visualization to the message she’s trying to convey in both songs,” said junior Marisa Natale. “‘Lose You to Love Me’ is more mellow and is in black and white, which helps dramatize the song even more. ‘Look at Her Now’ is much more upbeat and colorful which definitely brightens up the mood of the song and gives it a happier vibe.”

Gomez had both music videos filmed on Apple’s new iPhone 11, after receiving an endorsement from the company.

“I think it’s awesome that the videos were filmed on the new iPhone 11. It’s definitely a great source for marketing, and advertising the phone this way is very strategic and seems like it will be very beneficial for Apple,” said Natale.

The iPhone 11 was released on Sept. 20 with three cameras on the device. According to Apple’s newsroom, the first is the telephoto camera, the second is the wide, and the third is extra wide.

“When I first saw them, the quality of the videos were very good, and I could not tell they were shot on the iPhone 11,” said sophomore Diva Iglesias.

“I think it’s really cool and makes me want to get the iPhone 11 for its camera quality,” said sophomore Natalie Schillaci.

The videos and her new music were appreciated by many listeners.

“Selena Gomez made a great comeback and is very open and honest with her music with her fans which makes her very relatable,” said Schillaci.

Gomez’s videos can be viewed on YouTube, and streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

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