Spring Break is Back

What are your plans for spring break this year? After not having a break last year, plenty of students decided to make plans for this break whether it be a trip or spend quality time with friends and family.

“I am planning on a small vacation with some friends for a couple days during the week of break,” said sophomore Irene Katehis.

School is not the only thing some are looking forward to taking a break from.

Sophomore Julia Fischer said, “I’m hoping to go on vacation with my friends to not only get away from schoolwork, but the cold weather also.”

Others do not have plans to travel, but plan to spend time at home and enjoy time off.

“During my break, I will spend time with my family,” said freshman Antonia Zandel.

Whether traveling or just staying local, many students are happy to be able to relax and recharge.

“Covid or no covid, taking time away helps my mind take a break and enjoy life in the moment without stressors,” said sophomore Alyssa Merk.

According to an article in the Washington Square News, “Time away from work or school has real benefits for a person’s mental health.”

Some students are looking forward to letting their minds kick back and relax during break.

“I am excited to give my brain some time off from school to allow it to recharge and be ready to tackle the second half of the semester. It is a much needed mental break,” said junior Julianna Tyznar.

Some students are looking forward to the leisure that comes with being on break.

“I just want to relax and be able to do things with my friends and family without worrying about having any kind of assignments due,” Fischer said.

Some students feel that one week off is a sufficient time to recharge.

“Although the one-week breaks do go by insanely fast, I do think it makes a difference,” said Fischer. “I think it’s a good thing to be able to look forward to having a break and be able to plan to go away or spend time with your family.”

On the other hand, some feel that a week break is not long enough.

“I think that we should have a longer break than just one week. I feel like one week isn’t long enough especially for college students to recharge and fully relax,” said Zandel.

While many students find a week to either go by too quickly or just not be enough time off in general, most are appreciative to have any time off at all, especially this time of the year.

“Yes, one week, even one day I feel is necessary for college students. Especially when it comes to the demands of your major, sometimes a break is all we need to regroup, refocus and reset,” said Katehis. “I think this is a good time to have a break as well because it allows students to have a break before midterm exams.”

Spring break this year is giving some a sense of normalcy, as last year there was no spring break due to COVID-19.

“This semester does feel different in a lot of ways, especially for spring break. This feels like the first time in a while where things are more normal and it’s acceptable to travel and do things over the break,” said Fischer.

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