Spring Has Sprung

What are you looking forward to during the Spring season?

“I am excited for the warm weather, watching the sunsets, seeing the flowers bloom and the grass get greener and the sunshine,” said sophomore Bridget Pfeifer.

March 20 officially marks the first day to kick off the spring season. Many students expressed their excitement of enjoying the upcoming season on campus and taking advantage of the warmer weather.

“Going on walks around campus with my friends during the springtime is one of the best parts of the season for me,” said freshman Blerta Lita.

While transitioning from the cold winter season to the warm spring season, some students have said that they are looking forward to spending more time outdoors and breathing the fresh air.

“I am most looking forward to not having to wear a huge winter coat around campus and just being able to drive around with my windows down,” said junior Erica Savoca. “I really do believe that spring has a much happier vibe than winter.”

Likewise, some students feel the spring air is rejuvenating.

“When spring comes around it is so refreshing and fun,” said junior Gianna Romagnoli. “Everyone is excited for winter to be over, and it is my favorite time to be at school and enjoy time with my friends.”

Many students are looking forward to being able to do work outdoors again.

“I love to do my work outside, so I am really looking forward to being able to do that again,” said senior Anna Pirkl.

During the spring, there are plenty of events, activities and sports games that students can attend to enjoy the season and spend time with their friends.

“I like going to many sporting events on campus during the spring because it’s something to do that is outdoors to enjoy the sun and I can get together with all my friends,” said sophomore Abigayle Mitchell.

Other students enjoy relaxing with their friends when the warmer weather comes around.

“Some days, my friends and I love taking trips to the beaches in Fairfield to spend time together and relax,” said sophomore Alexandra Licata.

Many students feel that the warm weather during the spring season has a big influence on students’ moods and emotions.

“I think that the warm weather definitely affects the lives of students and faculty on campus,” said sophomore Isabella Vaccaro. “It automatically puts people in a much better mood when they are allowed to do more activities or go to more events on campus.”

Some students enjoy when faculty members take the warm weather as an opportunity to hold class outdoors.

“I hope that this spring one of my classes are held outdoors,” said sophomore Jessica Zarilli. “I really enjoyed my classes that were outdoors last spring, and I feel that it puts everyone in a better mood.”

Some students expressed how daylight allows them more time outdoors, especially at night.

“As it starts to become nicer out in the spring, I love to walk and drive around campus, especially at night because it starts to become darker out later in the nighttime, which is one of my favorite parts about the springtime,” said sophomore Alie LeFrancis.

Some students have said that they are excited to see what Sacred Heart has in store for activities and events during the springtime.

“I am definitely going to attend some events on campus and get the most out of the SHU experience during the spring season,” said Vaccaro.

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