Food Review: Candlewood Market

By Kaylin Huey

Staff Reporter

Candlewood Market Coffee & Tea Emporium, a business which has been brewing and selling coffee to companies for years in Brookfield, Conn., opened their first store in Fairfield, Conn., on Dec. 22, 2017.

The store is conveniently located behind Local Kitchen & Bar, which is also near the train station, and offers open parking available for their customers.

It is a family owned business, and offers a classic ‘coffee shop feel,’ with a hint of flair.

With the opening of their new store in Fairfield, they are now able to serve customers freshly brewed coffee, tea, and snacks, but with the added uniqueness of a Nitro Bar, with cold brew coffees offered on tap.

When I looked on their website and saw they offered a Nitro Bar, I was very intrigued to try it. When visiting the market, I found that they also offer kombucha, Nitro Cold brewed coffees, and teas on tap.

The Nitro Bar offers a bar-like feel, with stool seating around the bar, and eight brews avaliable on tap. Their Nitro Cold brews are sold by the cup or growler.

I was very surprised by the taste. The brew was smooth, thick, and creamy; very different from regular iced coffee. I like my coffee sweet, but at Candlewood, the employees recommend not adding sugar.

I’m not completely sold on the Nitro brew, and will probably be sticking to my regular iced coffee. However, I would recommend trying one of Candlewood’s Nitro Cold brews or kombucha, for a little spin on your classic “Cup of Joe.”

The market was spacious, consisting of many seating options, perfect for relaxing or working over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a bakery item. Offering comfortable seating, soft music, and dimmed lights, which creates an enjoyable and laid-back environment for customers.

The décor is very clean and simple, with white walls lined in black-and-white photos of children laughing. The interior decor adds to Candlewood’s atmosphere.

Even though the store offers a relaxed atmosphere, Candlewood is a great place for students and those in career professions the space to work and read. Candlewood, is also very family-oriented. At the end of the market, one wall is painted with chalk board paint, allowing for a space where children can remain occupied while their parents relax with their favorite brew of coffee in-hand.

After ordering a Nitro Cold brewed coffee, I ordered a bagel with cream cheese, which was delicious, and is one of my favorite coffee accessories.

The store had a variety of bakery items and pastries avaliable. Candlewood offers many healthy breakfast and lunch options, including egg sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads, and sandwiches. The market also has on-the-go snacks for their customers. The prices are reasonable, especially considering that most products are homemade or organic from local companies.

Candlewood also provides a huge variety of cold drinks, teas, kombucha tea, and sodas. They also sell their own Candlewood Market brand coffee grounds and pods.

The market also offers kid-friendly snacks like Dippin’ Dots. Candlewood sells many specialty goods and foods, as well as small gifts. An array of espressos, lattes, regular coffees, chai lattes, frozen drinks, smoothies, and hot chocolate, are offered. Prices ranging from $2-$5, with a choice of three sizes, compact (small), sedan (medium), and limo (large).

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Candlewood Market. I loved the atmosphere, helpful and knowledgeable employees, and unique snacks. I would recommend this to my friends, or anyone that is looking for a regular cup of coffee or want to try something new with their Nitro Bar.

Candlewood Market is open between the hours of 6a.m.-9a.m., Monday through Friday, with similar hours Saturday and Sunday.

Try it yourself and get your morning fix or afternoon pick-me-up.

You can also check out their website for their full menu and list of prices:

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