Love Is In The Air

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Theater Arts Program (TAP) at Sacred Heart University is putting on their own version of the second longest-running-off-Broadway revue in history, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

This rom-com type musical takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum known as ‘the relationship,” according to This updated version of the show includes two new songs, revised lyrics and scripts to accurately reflect dating in the modern era.

The small, four-person cast, is eager to perform this “celebration of the mating game” for audiences over the next two weekends. Senior Paul Keegan, who plays Man #2, also a staff writer at The Spectrum, is most excited to make the audiences laugh.

“I hope audiences come to the show and leave with a smile on their face,” said Keegan. “We have a blast onstage, and I hope anyone who sees the show has a blast from the audience.”

Both Keegan and Senior Julianna Rezza who plays Woman #1, an editor at The Spectrum, rave about the relatability of this production.

“It’ll make you emotional, laugh until you cry, and feel like the difficulties and complexities of relationships are not something you go through alone,” said Rezza.

“One of the taglines for our show is ‘everything you’ve ever secretly thought about dating but were afraid to admit,’ which is totally true,” said Keegan.

One unique aspect of this musical is that each actor plays a different character in every scene.

“All four of us play about fifteen different characters throughout,” said Keegan.

To prepare for a role that consists of 15 different characters, Keegan mentioned his strategy on how to dive into the part.

“When I’m playing more than one part in a show like this one, physicality, props, and voices are the major parts of my process. I like to approach each part like its own human, using both physical and mental space to differentiate.”

As for the production aspect, senior Lauren Torres, the production stage manager, praised the prop and costume designers of the show.

“I give a lot of credit to our designers Marykate Kiley and Matt for working with our unique approach in those departments,” said Torres.

Chris Conte plays the role of Man #1, Paul Keegan plays Man #2 and Grace Kelly Kretzmer (GK) plays Woman #2.

As for how TAP was bringing something new to this story, Rezza said that the uniqueness lies in the cast and crew.

“Myself, Chris, Paul, and GK under the amazing direction of Justin, Leo and Tom, have worked together, laughed, spit balled, tried and failed,” said Rezza. “We ended up with four entirely new and different characters never seen before, ones formed by our own lives, our perceptions, and a team willing to support us as we try.”

Torres also expressed her admiration for the cast and crew.

“Justin Zenchuk, our director, has been nothing but amazing and I really enjoy watching him work with the cast day in and day out,” said Torres.

As for her favorite aspect of the show, Rezza said, “I play some pretty funky characters, some of my scenes being completely wild and others being really wholesome. I love the diversity; it’s a good challenge as an actor, and just so ridiculously fun to laugh and learn with my cast mates.”

There are multiple opportunities to see “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” It is premiering Feb. 9 and showing until Feb. 11, with another performance on Feb. 12. For ticketing, dates and more information, visit

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